• It's been ages since I've been on here. I stop by and browse every now and again, but things have been a bit crazy and are just now settling down.
    For those that don't know me…I'm Lynn. I live with Cheyenne, my sweet tri girl who is 7.....Apache, my beautiful tri boy who is 5.....and last but not least..my little one..Zuni a r/w who is 1.
    We also share our home with a big loveable lug, Marlowe, who is a Vizsla and almost 11 now.

    Apache just last month started spilling and is now on Dr. Gonto's protocol. We had known from when the test first came out that he was a "probable affected" but of course I was hoping that the day never came.

    Zuni and Chey started having problems right after Zuni and I came back from the National last year. After getting in a behaviorist and working on the girls, things were getting better but Zuni would still fly across the room and attack Chey with little provocation. So, with my breeders blessing and in order to try to keep her, we had her spayed. Thankfully that did the trick and although we always have to keep a closer eye on the girls, we are once again living with all the dogs together.

    In the middle of all this, Zuni got disqualified from a show. I may one day try to have her re-instated to do other AKC activities, but then again I may not. I have been concentrating on further obedience training with her and she's been racing. We've started doing LGRA and I will try ASFA and NOTRA with her next.

    On top of all that, we sold two houses, hubby retired and we were having constant remodeling going on at the new place. I am SO thankful that things are finally starting to calm down. Now I'll be able to play more:D

  • Glad to have you back Lynn!!! And wow, sounds like you have tons of stuff that has been going on….

    As far as Zuni, she would only be DQ'ed for the show ring right? That doesn't DQ her for other things? At least in reverse that is the way it is. If they are DQ'ed AKC lure coursing, they can't course but they can still show or do Obedience or Agility.....

  • Lynn, do you mind sharing why she got disqualified? I am curious how you reinstate a disqualified dog.

    Also did you spay Zuni or Chey?

    I am so sorry about Apache. Yeah you have to hope it never shows up or holds off til ancient, so that has to be hard. Bless Gonto for a protocol that helps us keep them living good lives.

    Congrats on the obedience and racing! LOL hope the hubby's retirement doesn't drive you nuts. I always tell friends, make a HUGE "honey do" list and whip it out every time they start getting on your nerves. Speaking of training, they do learn fast what annoying you will result in!

    As for coming back from show, I know many people who won't send their dogs on road with handlers after having had similar experiences of fights after one has been gone even a week.

  • Hi Pat! It's nice to be back and have time again to do things!
    No, Zuni is dq'd from ALL AKC competitions. The letter didn't actually state Lure Coursing, but did mention all others sports and people I have spoken to says it encompasses all. It doesn't make much sense to me at all.
    I may someday get her re-instated..I already got her her CGC..but with everything else that was going on, I'm ready to just have some fun for a while!

  • Debra…well, the dq is a bit long drawn out story. She was up on the table and ..this is from my perspective...as the judge approached the table, she snarled and lunged. He jumped back and said I'm sorry. I collected her and walked out of the ring. I later asked the ring steward if she was dq'd or excused and I was told excused. I also called the show superintendent after seeing that they had her as dq'd and they told me the judges book said excused but that the judge had filled out a form. THEN when I finally got to AKC they told me she was dq'd. I argued with them back and forth. I had never been talked to by the judge nor did I know what he had written at that point. When I asked AKC for a copy of the judges book, they quit e-mailing me back. With all the other things I had going on I just didn't want to deal with it, so I took the dq. THEN, a month after the show I got the judges report and he said she had attacked him! While I agree that her behavior was out of line...to say that she attacked him, in my opinion, was a lie. I would think an attack would mean that she bit him, not just scared him!

    So, to have her re-instated, I need to pay them some money...get her her CGC, which I already did. You don't have to get the CGC actually, just show that you went to obedience classes. Then you have to pick shows you can get to, then get there first thing in the morning and have 3 judges go over the dog again.

    I'm not kidding myself about her. She does have an issue with the table, and we will have work to do should I decide to reinstate her, but I have a bitter taste in my mouth over the way things were handled.

    Yes...Dr. Gonto is a wonderful man and I'm SO grateful that because of him I will have my little man with me for many more years.

    Hubby is already driving me nuts! I'm thinking of going back to work!

    I still have little issues when I come back from classes with Zuni. BUT, we've figured that out. She comes in, doesn't see Chey and goes straight outside. A minute later, she comes in and all is well! They can be so strange at times!

    Chey is already spayed, we spayed Zuni.

  • Oh, your back, welcome again. Sorry you have so much going on. We are all here to support you.

  • Thanks Sharon!

  • Welcome back to the Forums! It was great seeing you and Zuni a few weeks ago in Irvine. Hope to see you again soon. Zuni is a nice racer.

  • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if a dog is DQd from the show ring, it is not allowed to participate in ANY AKC events.
    The theory behind this is that the show ring does not cause stress… dogs stand around and gait around the ring.

    Whereas on the lure field, the lure can make dogs a bit aggressive and protective over the lure. If a dog is DQd on the field, it does not cross over to the show ring or obedience ring.

    To get a dog reinstated, you have to write a letter [there is information on the AKC website] and give them a list of dog shows you can attend. Then you will get a letter from AKC… and they will tell you which show to attend, and then you will have to be there at least 30 minutes before judging, as the judges will go over the dog as if it were in a dog show situation [in a ring and on the table].

    Along with the letter to AKC, you will send proof that your dog has been through a CGC or obedience course and "passed" from the instructor. This shows that you have put in the effort to "re-train" the dog to make it safe for the ring.

    Your avatar pic is very cute!

  • Kathy you just pretty much said exactly what she already explained. But thank you both. I had an obvious blonde moment because I was thinking a DQ for standard, utterly didn't consider behavior, so I didn't know how you could re-instate. And I have no excuse, I actually did get some sleep last night!

    Thank you for explaining, Lynn. Funny aside… had friend with Rottie who would allow women to do anything, but would NOT NOT NOT allow a male judge to check his testicles. So she spent a ton entering him in shows and having to dump them when they changed judges or the judge was a guy. She worked a lot having men come over and go over him, but he acted out a lot. She finally just gave up, said she didn't know what screw was loose but obviously not going worth getting him finished. He was a lovely dog, btw. Would chew chewing gum and then go spit it out in the trash can. He had about a dozen stuffed toys he carried from bed to living room each morning. Set them out in a row. He'd go out to potty, we'd move them. He'd come back in, chastise them as he sniffed and collected them from where we moved them. Had about 30 command words. But men... just could not get him past it.

  • Welcome…I am new so I do not know you yet 🙂

  • It was nice seeing you too Lisa…I'll see you that first weekend in July...Z & I are coming up for the LGRA and to hopefully get her qualified in NOTRA.
    I'm really glad I found something to do with her that she really enjoys!

    Kathy...I did know all that..but thanks for explaining it again.
    I beg to differ about the stress level at a show and do believe they're wrong....but that's their rules and I have agreed to live by them. I'll eventually get another dog and try again if I decide to not have her re-instated.
    Lucky for me, I can race with Zuni, do agility or Rally-O and Obedience with other organizations. Heck, I could even show her spayed with UKC if I get her reconditioned on the table. So, life without the AKC in this instance isn't the end of the world.

    Thanks about the avatar...that's my two oldest.

    Debra....shame about the rottie, you do have to wonder what goes on in their heads sometimes!
    HAHAHA...love the toy story!!! How funny that must have been to see him coming back in to the moved toys!! And the chewing gum...now that is something!

    Hi Moth, nice to meet you!

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