• I had a sore knee one night and put some bengay on it before bed. WE went to bed as usual, Abbey intending to claim her usual spot behind the crook of my knees. In a few seconds she came crawling back out of the covers, clearly puzzled about the smell. She went to the OTHER side of the bed thinking it would smell better over there, but no such luck. She came right back out again, not happy at all and started whining. I said either get on top of the covers or sleep in the living room and turned over on my side. No sooner had I closed my eyes than she goes WHAAP and hit me so hard in the face that I saw little flashes of light! MY DOG HIT ME!! The next day I had a bruise on my face and felt the need to explain at work that I am not the victim of spousal but doggal abuse!

  • Very funny!!!:)

  • Ah hahaha!!! Revenge of the Basenji Scorned! MWUAHAHAHAHA


  • Having a hard time recovering from that one. Excellent story!

  • I remember the first time my now ex husband punished my first basenji. The next morning when he put his slippers on he stepped right into a nice pile of poo. The dog also whizzed on his pillow in revenge!!

  • Cyrus also "punishes" us in bed. Cyrus likes to sleep under the covers. Sometimes Hemi (55lbs keep in mind) and I (God forbid I would use the covers) are laying on the covers, making it impossible for Cyrus to tunnel underneath. Cyrus walks onto my pillow and starts digging in my long hair as if it is kitty litter. He has actually ripped pieces out! Very naughty!

  • That is too funny 😃
    Basenji's have a way to keep us in line. When I punish our boy Chance he will jump on his hind legs and box me in the face too. :o

  • Great story! I can relate…I had to visit the eye doctor last year for a corneal abrasion because of a similar incident with Manning. 🙂

  • I hadn't read this thread before – and the responses are sooooo funny 😃

  • Our little angel scratched my back the other night because I had not lifted the covers fast enough for her highness to go to her favorite spot, under the covers and in the crook of my legs!

  • They sure do know how to get our attention don't they.
    No "suffering is silence" for this breed.

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