UK Basenji Owners - Northern Basenji Club

Attention all UK Basenji Owners - remember that the entries for the Northern Basenji Society championship show closes soon….get your entries to Irene Horner before 20th June!

Got mine filled out just got to send it off! I have one here to give to my puppy owner in Glasgow when i see her at the Dundee show on Saturday.

we will be going with our two as not for comp. We like to meet up with everyone and their Basenjis.

I haven't entered yet but thank you for the reminder, Scott. Shelley, I look forward to meeting Kwame.

Ooh, I completely forgot about this, must get my entry in!

Entries close today - make sure you get your entry in the post first class if you haven't already done so 🙂

Our entry has been sent last week. Thanks for the reminder guys 🙂

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