Cancelled show - Basenji Club of Great Britain

  • Apparently the Basenji Club of Great Britain open show (per Irene Horner) has been cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions. I do know that most shows in Scotland this weekend have been cancelled (i was due to steward at the Scottish Dobe show on Sunday but thats cancelled now too).

    Lets hope things are ok for LKA next week.

    ps temperature at my house this morning was -15, over a foot of snow in garden - this is the first day this week i have been able to travel in to work. Still, serves me right for living in Scotland i suppose..


  • Thats a shame, but for the best. I wasn't entered as I am supposed to be working. I have booked a day off for LKA and couldn't push my luck at the busiest time of year for us.

    I wont be at work tomorrow either unless they send the 4x4 to come and get me!

  • Does anyone know what the entry was?

  • When was this due to be held? I obviously havent entered 😃

    The weather is not too bad down here, and im not too far from Birmingham. We are due to get a bit more snow and ice but nothing like what is in Northern England and Scotland, so I cant see LKA being cancelled unless the forecasts are way off and we do get snowed in down here!

  • That's a shame but very wise.

    I'm not doing LKA but lets hope we don't have a rerun of the early nineties when people were stranded for hours on end:eek:

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