Wild Athena and Kratos…in the wild

there getting so big. Also kratos's model pose on the pillow, and some UFC moves athena put on kratos on way home from the dog park

LOVE these! SO adorable!

Love these pictures, especially the outdoor ones - except of course the last one with a butt hanging off the pillows is really cute! They are great dogs.


Thank ya so much. They have kept us on our toes. My favorite is the first one with Athena having him in a headlock.

The first headlock needs to be in Brat calendar!

Great pics! I love the first and the last are my favorites.

What wonderful pictures! It looks like they are two peas in a pod… 🙂 Did you get them at the same time?


We got them about 2 months apart but were born 2 days apart, and they are crazy hounds… But alot of fun too, couldn't imagine life basenjiless anymore

Funny photos, they look happy together!

What a sweet pair of b's!


I can not believe I have not seen these yet..so adorable…I love the outdoor ones and the headlock...

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