Puppy Play Date 20/5/11

Well i thought id upload a few pics from our most recent doggy park adventures with her buddy Merlin the border collie and Yoshi the chinese crested.

As you can see shes fully recovered from her his dislocation 🙂

She even took a moment or two to go swimming 🙂 basenji - what?! 🙂

Enjoy the pics

What fun. Hope is a little mud-pig, haha!

Lovely to see Hope looking so good after her accident. They are wonderful pictures.

What lovely pictures, Hope is leading the way into the water in one 🙂
Glad to see she's fully recovered.
Thanks for sharing .

Wow, interesting to see a B loving the water. At least she appears to be loving the water. Looks like a great day.

The dogs look like were having a blast!

Love how muddy her legs were!!!

I LOVE how she got so dirty 😃 shes always such a clean dog and always so prissy about wet grass etc it was just great to see her get dirty.

we try and encourage water play as much as we can living in the tropics, we are always at the beach every other weekend so she gets to see alot of water. Shes not keen on the sea but tidal pools are a go 🙂 and now shes ok with the river too which is great. we just coaxed her in, she seemed to want to paw the water alot, like to splash us. was funny. we also have turtles in the river and you can see them pop their heads up and of course, she'd just love to swim after one of them (they can dive down so she never gets them). makes me laugh.

ended up washing her in my bathroom as it started to get a little cool and the hose water was cold. needless to say my bathroom didnt look the same afterwards hahaha but now shes just had a nice hydrobath at work and she smells great 😃

pp.s I LURVEEE owning a B 🙂

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