Hi there, just wanted to introduce myself…
My name is Devon. I'm 21 and have just recently moved to Colorado Springs, CO.

I've admired the Basenji breed for years now but never owned on. Friday, however, my boyfriend and I adopted a Basenji mix from our local Humane Society. She is awesome and I think I'll be able to learn a lot about her from joining this forum 🙂

howdy neighbor! i'm just east of the springs. post pics please!

Awesome! I've only been here for a few months but have wanted to live in CO for a looonnngg time and am really happy to be in this area 🙂

I posted a thread about her with some pics….I'm trying to figure out what she's mixed with. Humane Society says Aust. Cattle Dog but I'm not totally convinced haha.

Welcome, glad you found us.

Welcome to the Forum from the UK.

Welcome to the forum - glad to have you here!

Hello, welcome


Welcome, nice to have you onboard.

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