Cyder loves his Big Sister, Roo!

  • Cyder is absolutely in love with his sister Roo, a 5 yr old mix breed. Roo was raised by a Basenji, so she has many of the characteristics. It is funny to see Cyder follow her around and try to do what she does, just like an annoying little brother. As you can see, Roo is quite fond of and patient with her little brother.

    1: First meeting (12 weeks)
    2: Play with me! (14 weeks)
    3: Tug is fun! (15 weeks)
    4: Nap Time (16 weeks)
    5: Chewing a bone with Roo (4 months/18 weeks)

  • aw that fourth picture is adorable!!

  • Aren't they just wonderful together.

  • Great pictures, Roo looks a lovely dog as does Cynder

  • They look like they are getting along just fine! Cyder is a cute little guy - love his name. Roo is beautiful - do you know the mix?

  • Houston

    Wonderful buddies..I love the 4th pictures too..

  • Great photos. I love the way their markings are arranged in the first, Cyder has half white on his neck and Roo has half dark face. Nice alignment int he photo. They look like they really like each other.

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