Deep voice after spaying

Athena has just been spayed and we have noticed that her voice seems deeper. Is that common?

Most likely this is caused by the intubation. If she were a barking breed you might notice she was hoarse for a few days. If it lasts longer than 3 days or she begins to cough or retch or seem to have difficulty breathing - she needs to be seen.

Be aware too - she might still be feeling the effects of the drugs and can for a day or two afterwards. This could potentially change her sounds temporarily. If it lasts longer than 3 days - see above.


Thank you so much. It's only been 2 days I'll call the vet if it doesn't go back to normal.

Arwen is always hoarse after intubation, coughs etc. It goes away. 🙂 And if it isn't better in a few days, go back into the vet.


She's starting to sound like herself again. Thank you guys so much. We were starting to get worried.

sounds like all will be good.

Oh good! Glad she's fine!

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