• I would do this several times a day. When you dog is asleep, call her and have a small piece of cheese in your hands.
    When she gets up and she sits, you give it to her.
    You will teach her to awake when you call and that she will get good things.
    Do this during the day, and it should help you.

  • Can you give a little refresher about your new girl? Why did she have surgery? Is she from a breeder or a rescue?

    If she is from a breeder, have you contacted the breeder? What did they tell you about how she acted in their house?

    I agree that you will need to work on building positive associations with being woken and being handled. If she is food motivated, pair the handling with food. Help her get used to being touched when she is drowsy and drifting off.

  • My b's sit on the couch with me and I touch them all over..feet, face, when they are awake and when they are sleeping.
    They have learned that touching is only good feeling, never bad..

  • I agree about the touching. Ayo got a little defensive ONCE, resource guarding some rawhide and I just would not accept it. Of course he was a small puppy so it was easier but I basically took it away and gave it back when he was calm, always telling him sit and down etc … And took it again and so forth. And I am constantly touching him everywhere, awake or asleep, al the time.. If you do that they get used to it.. It has been my experience, and Ayo is very dominant personality , he is still a little nippy when he gets excited , we are working on that, but never angry, and he let's anyone, and I mean anyone, strangers, children anyone, pet him, carry him everything...

  • First Basenji's

    First I apologize for not getting back with you all sooner. I teach high school and Prom arrived with all the extra work as well as family who stayed for over a week. I have had time to read but not respond. the suggestions are all great and thanks. I will post later on today to let you know what we have done as well as how it is going so far. Our first obedience class for her starts Thursday so we will have that resource as well. Thanks for all the advice even with out my input. Talk to you more about it later.

  • First Basenji's

    Ok, first some refresher on Zenia as asked. She is from a friend who has two basenjis and had an accidental breeding. She was very excited that we wanted Zenia as we were already around basenjis and had some experience. Zenia is actually more even tempered about being touched and picked up than our other dog Faro. She gets serious about chew bones and Faro seems to like to tease to the point of anger and that is all we had seen of it until the trip and the surgery. She got just as upset at being stepped on as she had at Faro's teasing with the bones.

    We normally don't let it get past the teasing point. If she starts to get serious about fighting for the bones we take them from the both of them and no one gets to chew the rawhide then.

    Faro always sleeps in his crate at night and so does Zenia. It is a special treat for them to sleep with us. Zenia was on the bed being cuddled after the surgery and we would have stayed that way if we hadn't has unexpected company that I had to get up for and we were afraid to leave her on the bed as she would likely just follow me, including jumping from the bed.

    Zenia had an umbilical hernia and out vet wanted us to fix it. So the surgery was simple and she really had not shaken off the medication when the biting incident occurred. the only other time she is forceful like that is with my husband. If she is already angry at Faro and he will pick her up from behind to separate them.

    We have been doing the touching at all times activity and I am going to work on the waking activity that has been suggested. We will also be talking with our trainer as well.
    We have not had any other incidents so far. We also stop play for snarky behavior and she does know sitting sweetly gets her loving attention, praise and treats. Once again she is even better than Faro at this. Thanks for the help.

  • So, I am confused? Did you have her spayed along with the umbilical repair? You know that unless there was a problem with the hernia, they 99% of the time never cause a problem and 90% of Basenji have them, in various sizes? Usually when bitches are spayed, they will have them repaired at that time. If the surgery was just for the hernia and there was no problem with it, it would have been unnecessary. Vet that are not familar with the breed do not know that umbilcal herinas are very, very common in this breed.

    Seems beyond that you have a resource guarding problem. And I would never give them bones/chews unless both are in their crates. While you say, you don't let it get past the "teasing stage", it is the teasing stage that is starting the problem and this IMO will just esclate.

    And when she is sleeping, you need to make sure that you "talk" her awake before moving/touching her.

  • And when she is sleeping, you need to make sure that you "talk" her awake before moving/touching her.

    Our tri has similar issues (surprise). We find the above really works well. It's surprising how telling your dog what is going top happen next in a gentle tone makes them very co-operative or at least in getting non aggressive responses. No one wants to be awoken harsh. Also I find the dogs listen really well when you whisper to them vs yelling / loud.

    "Let a sleeping dog lay" is a proverb with a purpose

  • I totally agree about the talking awake and am always surprised that people don't do this, as naturally a dog is more vulnerable when asleep and will be alert to perceived 'danger' if disturbed without warning.

  • First Basenji's

    You all are amazing. Thanks for the ideas. Zenia is doing better. I have purchased a book about resource guarding as well and find that is really her problem. The book is entitled Mine!A practical guide to resource guarding in dogs. I have not read it all but will report on the other advice it gives. Thanks again. The talking awake, waking with treats, only giving the rawhides in the crates, all have been great so far. Thanks for all the advice.

  • Houston

    My girl athena is like that very grumpy when our boy moves or settles around her while napping, growling n showing teeth n little nips… but never towards us, By the way i was never a big fan of the brindle pups but yours is perfect, faro is the cutest lil guy ever

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