• I recently went on vacation and I boarded Abby at our local vets office. She was there for roughly 6 days before my son went and picked her up. When I came home she looked very skinny and I weighed her, she had lost 2 lbs. Now mind you Abby is not very fat to begin with so 2 lbs was alot. So naturally I'm thinking what did they do to my dog.😕 So my hubby called the vet on monday to ask them what happened, if she was eating or upset or anything. They told him she ate but not alot and maybe next time we should send some of her wet food with her. I don't feed her wet all the time so I don't think that was the issue. I believe that she was upset because she wasn't at home with us, in a strange place, Missy was not there with her and she was just mad.:mad: Has anyone else had this issue before or have any ideas around it? I'm sure this is not the last time I will be going on vacation that I can not take her with me.:rolleyes:

  • Nicky was banned from the boarding kennel because he screamed from the moment we left until the moment we came to pick him up. He would not eat, he would not interact with anyone, all he did was howl. My vet will also not hold him any longer than absolutely necessary because he howls there too though he will settle if he is allowed to be with one of the staff doing paperwork.

    We had a very good experience having a petsitter come to our home to care for our dogs when we went out of town last August. She stayed in the guest room overnight and walked the dogs in the morning and the evening. When we got home the dogs were happy to see us but were relaxed and not overly stressed.

  • How is your vet set up for boarding? Do the dogs spend most of their time in a crate? If so I would check into a boarding facility that has doggie suites and playtimes, treats, etc. I prefer this even if it is an added expense as opposed to having my girl crated most of the day. Not all vet offices have a staff member overnight either. I believe most boarding facilities have staff members around the clock.

  • I had the same experience boarding Sahara while we were on vacation last Thanksgiving. She was there for 12 days and she lost weight and would turn her food bowl over every day, she was so upset to be left. I took her own food and treats, wet and dry food, her favorite sleeping pad and blanket, toys too. She went crazy when we picked her up, and she would not let us out of her sight for weeks after. My hubby said she had seperation anxiety and we will not board her again. So if Sahara can't go, we don't go. Final!!!!!

  • I boarded Abbey at the vet's and they do have great facilities and all the perks, but she lost 3 lbs. in 5 days. B's don't know mom is coming back eventually, they just think they're on death row or something. When she finally got home she would cry if I'd go in the bathroom and close the door. Next time she'll stay with her grandma so starvation will not be an issue!

  • Boarding Can Be A Very Stressfull On A Dog. Breeds That Are Known To Be More One On One With Their Owners Are The Worst. I Worked At A Very Nice Kennel For Years And I Saw Some Cases Just Like Yours. Playmates Were Available And That Does Help, But I Find That The Best Way To Board Is Either Have Someone Stay At Your Home With The Dog Or Take Him To Someone He Knows And Have Them Watch Him. Even Though I Worked At A Kennel When I Went On Vacation My Brother Would Come And Take Care Of My Dogs. ( I Have Four–-sorry No Basenjis ) In Fact When I Got Home Mine Were Heavier Than When I Left Because I Do Not Give Treats Everyday.

  • We always have someone either come stay or we take the babies to Ern's parents house. They love it there. Dashy did get out once but the trick is to get in the car and he will jump in. Then of course we have to take him for a ride but anyways that is what we do.

    The first time we left him we left him with a friend and it was a bad idea. As you can read on my other post.

  • Couple of thoughts about boarding a basenji. I had similar issues when I boarded so - they pretty much came with us - until I had too many then I hired someone to come into the house.
    When I sell a puppy to anyone or even place a rescue - I always tell them that to the extent that I'm able to - the dogs are welcome to board with me when they are gone. I had a couple of animals who came every summer for 2-3 weeks - like camp I guess) So is there a basenji breeder near you who might be able to help out?

  • We always board at the same place. Our dogs tolerate it pretty well. They have indoor/outdoor runs. I prefer that because I would like the dogs to be handled as little as possible. The only one who doesn't do all that well, is Querk. He always loses weight when we are gone, but he still eats his normal amount of food. The owner has to walk him around the property to get him to poop…he will hold it for days if not, and then he explodes, and it is just not good. But each time, he has gotten more comfortable. Ideally, I think we would have someone come and stay with him in the house, and board the girls. With having to keep some of the females separate, I just don't trust anyone else to not mess it up.

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