• Hey folks,

    I'd like to plan a short trip for Clarisse's 30th b-day and found out that the wildnerness tour company does not allow pets, so now I'm forced to find a boarding kennel or dog sitter for our B. If we cannot find an appropriate or reputable kennel, then we will cancel the tour and seek fun elsewhere.

    The closest city to the adventure company is Pembroke, Ontario - which is 20 minutes away, from where we're staying. I did a search for kennels in the area and found one with a website and was wondering if anyone on the forums or in the area may have some input.

    Here's their website:


    Anyone know of them?

    We're open to suggestions, referrals and concerns that we should consider while kenneling our dog for a day or two.

    FYI - Breeder is out of the question as we're heading to Montreal after the tour and want to bring our B with us.

    Thanks in advance,


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