• Kate and Ty are going to stay in a kennel this week/weekend (Thurs.-Mon.) I only do this when it is absolutely necessary.

    My daughter is graduating from college and the travel time and family attendance prohibits a temp. re-housing or a familiar house sitter.

    Question….the pups (not really pups, one is 11 1/2, the other 6 1/2) used to free feed. Since I've been here at the forums they have had a restricted diet and both have lost an appropriate amount of weight. They still feed together, but only 1 1/4 cup a day total for the 2 of them.

    Should I increase the feedings to twice a day (ie...1 cup am and 1 cup pm) when they are at the kennel just to keep them occupied? I'm always afraid that if they're bored, they'll get on each others nerves and take it out on each other. They never have in the past, but like I said they've never had a regulated diet before at the kennel.

    I can provide food, water, treats, toys, chews, bedding, etc. They're really great. They have daily play time with other dogs and individual time with "play pals" (high school and college students), but I'm still worried about the times in between.

    Can extra food provide comfort or make them sleep better on a full tummy in an unfamiliar environment?

  • Feeding 2x a day is better. The smaller meals are better digested and easier on the liver.

  • Thanks Dan.

  • If they are going to have play time at the kennel, don't worry about boredom in between times. Mine goes to daycare once a week where they have play time 2 or 3 times with nap/rest times in between. She comes home absolutely bushed - in fact she often falls asleep on the way home! Don't worry.

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