• I have to go out of town this weekend and will have to board Cali and I am really having anxiety about it. Unfortunately none of my friends or family members are available to sit with her this weekend. I checked out a few kennels and decided on a place that is affiliated with the Humane Society. It is like a pet hotel and they are open 7 days a week so I can pick Cali up when I get back in town Sunday. They even have tv's in some of the pet suites:) Of course Cali will be getting the basic 15 dollar a night suite which is pretty nice. I am also going to get her a couple of a la carte activities so she can have time to play with other dogs.
    Have any of you ever had to board your Basenjis? I am starting to have separation anxiety because I have never had to board her. Any suggestions of items that I should take? Is there anything specific that I should inquire about? She is being a very wild,destructive, mischievous girl right now and in a way I am looking forward to the break because she is a handful!!! But I know I will still miss her.

  • Send her blanket from home…A few toys she adores... Maybe a favorite treat...Also a old t-shirt with ur scent on it... so if she gets lonely she has you close... Most of all try and have a good time... We need breaks from our lil darlings...
    If anything i'de ask if thier staff has had any basenjis in thier care before...B's are not that much differrent... just a lil more demanding

  • I have boarded my little boy twice and will try to avoid it in the future. The first time we took him to a large "chain" kennel that had a really beautiful facility. The second time we tried a home based operation. My concern is that he was too stressed by the experiences. He lost weight the first time and had a case of diarrhea when he came home the second time. Also, since we boarded him he growls and has bitten me a couple of times. The last time I went away I left him with my mother (who had no experience with dogs before then) and he was a happy healthy dog when I returned. I hope your B does better with the seperation anxiety than mine did!

  • I'm not boarding Jazzy, but she has shows this weekend that I cannot go to so she will be staying at Bryan and Laurie's {Jumoke} starting tomorrow night.
    I don't anticipate any separation anxiety on her part – she will probably be thrilled to be with Bryan for all that time! She'll be asking, "JoNell Who?" LOL

    I, on the other hand, am going to miss my baby! Darren is leaving town tomorrow morning for a week and he {in jest} accused me of being more broken up about the dog leaving than about his leaving. MY kids just all looked at him and said, "Well, duh Dad." LOL LOL
    Gypsy will enjoy the break from having her ears and throat chewed.

  • Is this your cat, my Basenji chews at my cats ears and throat on a daily bases. Why do you think they go for the neck, I am afraid she will seriously hurt my cat who is 17 yrs. old. It is a daily frustration for me and my poor cat, Sahara will not give it up.

  • tlbuddy, did Cali get a kennel cough (bordetella) vaccine? It's best to get the vac 2 wks prior to boarding. In my area, it's a requirment of boarding. the vac doesn't protect against all strands, but it does help a bit.

  • We board all of ours when we travel (talk about expensive, whew…five basenjis for up to ten days!). They don't LOVE it, but they tolerate it fine. Our boy has to be hand walked, or he won't poop for days on end...but luckily the woman who runs the kennel understands, and is happy to walk him. She probably thinks I am crazy, because until we started going to her kennel, she had never even heard of basenjis. And I always give her at least half an hour of discussion about how they can climb, and scream, and escape if given the chance. She was amazed (and a little alarmed) at the noises Querk can make!

    I am sure Cali will do fine. Go with your gut, if you are comfortable with the kennel, then I am sure she will adjust perfectly. The only thing I would really stress is how good at escaping basenji are...staff really need to know to be on their toes about climbing, and door darting, etc.

    Good luck, have fun, and try to relax 🙂

  • @youngandtired:

    Is this your cat, my Basenji chews at my cats ears and throat on a daily bases. Why do you think they go for the neck, I am afraid she will seriously hurt my cat who is 17 yrs. old. It is a daily frustration for me and my poor cat, Sahara will not give it up.

    No, Gypsy is our 12 yr old golden retriever mix. She is so sweet and patient,and Jazzy really takes advantage. Sometimes Jazz just sits and chews on Gypsy's neck. Poor old girl. She'll enjoy her break this weekend.
    And will probably be disappointed when Jazz comes home! LOL

  • Cali seemed to do well when I boarded her last weekend. She cried when I dropped her off and did escape from the workers to try and run to me, but they caught her. They were surprised at how agile she is. I boarded her at the Pet Resort in a 4'wide by 8' long kennel run. I also took her blankets and a couple of toys. It was a really nice facility and very clean. They even had tv's and beds in the deluxe rooms, but if your dog eats the bedding you are responsible for the damages. They said she had a bad night the first night because there was a bad storm and all of the dogs were going at it. When I picked her up on Sunday morning she was so excited to see me. I practically had a wreck on the drive home because she kept jumping in my lap. She normally rides well in the car.
    She did not eat the first day she came home and she has started barking a lot(A noice that is similiar to a bark). My neighbors say she sounds like she is whistling or screaming. I think she has become more noisy because she was around so many dogs that were barking. She has had her bordatella shot for kennel cough because that is required before a dog can be boarded.

  • I had to board my basenji mix last christmas and it was probably the easy boarding of a dog I have done. I had only had Hollie about two weeks (I adopted her out of a shelter) and our attachment really started when I returned. However, I know my boarder as he is also a groomer who groomed my previous poodle mix. My boarder lives on site where his shop is and actually is the one who informed me that Hollie's other mix besides the whippet she was listed as at the shelter, might be basenji. Boy, was he ever right. My boarder has a strong background in dogs and has showed various breeds with AKC. I think getting to know you boarder well is a good thing, you can feel at ease when leaving your furbaby.

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