Kananga's 3rd
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  • Been incredibly busy lately, haven't had a chance to upload pics from Kananga's birthday weekend. :D

    I'm such a terrible person for forgetting his birthday initially, I was one day off from remembering. I made sure Kananga got extra attention over the weekend for being so understanding. :o

    My brindle boy turned 3 years old. He still acts like he's 8 months old (when I first got him), and I'm OK with that.

    Knowing he has turned a year older.

    Hey! What are you doing, I want to see!

    Posing for the camera. :o

    Enjoying the view…

    Enjoying his birthday gift. :D

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  • Congrats little boy!!!

    He is so cute and he could be brothers with our Chaffie :D

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  • Happy third birthday Kananga, glad you had fun

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  • Happy birthday Kananga :D.

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  • Kananga, congratulations on your 3rd birthday - baroooooo!

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    Happy Birthday Kananga!!!!

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  • Houston

    Happy Birthday Kananga !! :) looking smashing !!

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    Happy 3rd birthday, Kananga.

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