• hello everyone,
    Ayo's perianal glands ( im not sure this is the correct translation from spanish),were very full last week and it was causing him to have trouble defecating, like he was constipated. I took him to the vet, who said it was that the glands were very full and proceeded to clean them. a few days later I noticed that there was a milky fluid coming out of his anus, which I assumed was the fluid, but was concerned because: 1) I had never seen that coming out like that 2) I thought they had just been cleaned why is this happening right away 3)was worried that maybe there was an infection
    I took him to the vet again and she cleaned it again and said that sometimes when they get filled up and get cleaned they tend to drain more at the beginning but that they should " settle" in a few days, please excuse my diction because I am trying to translate what was said in Spanish,
    I am still concerned because this morning there was still some fluid coming out …. What do you think, is it normal for them to still be draining like that, is it supposed to be milky? And how do I prevent this from happening?

  • i'm not really sure if the draining is normal or not. i've taken suki to get hers done because she was scooting her butt across the floor a lot (a common sign of needing them done). after they were done, i didn't notice any leakage and the scooting stopped right away. it is pretty common for small dogs to need this done regularly, though. hopefully someone else on here will be able to tell you more about the drainage.

  • Did you notice the fluid after he had a bowel movement? Sometimes I will notice fluid after my dogs have been outside and I will wipe it off.

    Did the vet tell you the glands were infected?

    Sometimes you may have to adjust the diet to add more fiber. Some people add plain pumpkin to the food. I would check with the vet before doing this though.


  • Thanks a lot for the comments. Actually yes, I have noticed it when I take him out, which is when he goes potty and it's always at the same time. So he is having bowel movements. she said they were not infected. I called her on the phone and she said to take him in so she could see if they were infected. She said they were not infected. I gues iwas just a little concerned about it still coming out and the fact that it was milky, were I thought that it was supposed to be clear. And also would
    Ike to know what to do so that it doesn't become a recurring problem. I think he likes pumpkin so that is an option.

  • The pumpkin will work for anal glan issues.

  • My B's anal gland secretions are not clear but slightly brownish and thin. I worry if the secretions are thick and/or bloody.

    I have a female B who had to have her anal glands removed.


  • 😕Yes they are light yellow,greenish..like mucus color And sometimes thick…..

  • @moshun111:

    Don't try to do it yourself if you don't know what you are doing; you can injure his rectum. Have a vet or groomer show you a few times until you can do it on your own.

    Gosh, if this is a bot/spammer/etc. they sure are getting clever.

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