• If we don't express, he leaks onto the sheets. They express flat, no abcess. He usually has stool in his rectum and his poop is firm. Maybe he needs to poop more?

    He hates going out unless its sunny and hot…and we live in Washington State:)

  • I am in Wa state as well.
    Get some raw canned pumpkin not the pie filling kind
    and put a scoop in his food each time you feed him.
    This will give him bulk in his stool, which will help empty the anal glands.
    Its cheap and works.

  • Thanks so much, I'll try anything! Poor baby though he tolerates it well.:(

  • It could be the type of food you are feeding. What food do you feed?

    You should not have to express them that often. Leaking anal glands are not good. My older female had her anal glands removed a few months ago because of problems, infections that would not clear up and leaking.


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