• We have a very bad internet connection but at our weekend harbor at M?nster I am able to post some nice pictures from our last weekend at B?lstringen.

    We visited Magdeburger zoo with Ryan and the Basenji boys, a great day!

    Striped Hyena

    So pretty

    My favorite of that day ūüôā

    Chaffie is looking too

    Without the dogs we could enter the exhibit from some animals

    Crazy goat

    We are spotting these birds in the wild

    hihi crazy lazy Bu

    Give it a kiss!

    No comment! ūüôā

    Great to see these species together



    Kas touched the elephant too and he wanted to play with the boys, one of them picked up a huge ammount of dirt and trew it all over Kas, Bu and Chaf..
    Just one inch next to Ryan and me… :D:D:D:D

    A white one!

    This snow leopard got an interaction with our boys!!!! (see next pictures)

    WOOOOWWWW Chaffie!!!!

    Buana was so scared :rolleyes:

    What are you two???!!!

    And some more pictures from around the ship

    Playing on the hatches


    Beware of the dangerous dog!


    Ryan got his first bike!!!

    Chaffie got attacked in B?lstringen, a small dog from another ship was put to land and Kas was walking the boys on the leash.
    The dog came runnning toward Chaffie and Bu and so sudden he bite Chaffie in his ear!
    The owner was nowere and Kas were screaming to reach him and screaming to the dog because the boys were letting the dog know that if he doesn't leave they would really attack him.
    The dog ran away to his ship, and Kas went inside and gave chaffie to me.
    (kas went to the owner) I cleaned him up, took some pictures and waited.

    The owner was really angry Kas was on his ship so Kas went home and call the police.
    We just wanted to know the dog was healthy and got his shots (and if he was loyal, he would have paid the vet's bill) the police was very kind and visit the owner and got to see the dogs papers, he got all his shots and he don't want to pay any bill.. (well, the healthy part is the important part)
    We went to the vet and he got antibiotics for 7 days..
    It's a week later and his ear is full of scars… poor boy..
    We are happy because he has no more pain......
    Some dog owners...

  • Great pictures! You're lucky to be able to take your dogs to the zoo‚ĶI'm not sure any zoo here in the U.S., would allow that (other than, perhaps, for service dogs).

    Sorry about Chaffie, but glad to hear that he's healing nicely.

  • You are a fantastic photographer and I really enjoyed viewing your photos. ūüėÉ

  • I always love seeing pictures of Ryan and the two boys. Not only are your pictures all of great quality, but they are a lovely storybook of Ryan as he grows. Years down the road, you can show him all of these photos, especially show them to his chosen partner, who will get a big kick out of them!

  • Lovely photos. It looks as though you had a wonderful day.

    I'm sorry to hear about Chaffie getting bitten and hope that his ears heal without scars.

  • Sorry about the owie ear. it doesn't look too bad, so hopefully there won't be any scaring, but you are right, healthy is the important thing.

    Thank you SO much for sharing the pics! You are so lucky to be able to take your pups to the zoo.

  • Poor ear, but glad the other dog was healthy, if rude. Not all owners are responsible. so fortunately the injury wasn't "too expensive".

    And I LOVE the zoo photos, especially the ones with the meerkats!

  • Very cool photos! Love the snow leopard and the meerkats:)

    Hope the ear heals quickly!

  • Beautiful pics Kim. So sorry about Chaffie's ear. I'm sure it will heal up good as new. Poor little guy. ūüėě

  • Thank you all for your nice words, chaffies ear is healing well only there will stay a white mark. The scar is completely lightcolored and I?m hoping there will grow new hairs on it in the future.
    But the wound is totally healed and looking calm and nice.. he hasn?t any pain anymore so I am really happy!

  • Love the zoo pics! And baby Ryan, Bu, and Chaf looked like they had a grand ol' time! Oh, poor Chaf - I'm so glad he's healing well! (Now you'll just have to keep an eye on that other ship and stay away from it.)

  • Lovely pics Kim, I am sure all boys had a great time in ZOO :D.

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