• Finally made it down to the Oregon coast.
    Weather was wet when we arrived, but great this am.
    Walked the b's on the beach, mostly off leash, as there were few folks
    and no dogs.
    Miss Wheat found a rope and she and Lou played keep away.
    Good fun for everyone.
    Course the older b's don't do the charging runs and jumping around Wheat does. But she is also able to get them moving a bit more.

    Bakery was great! I didn't leave much untested.
    Hugs to you all.

    This Oregon coast is joyous!

  • Nice to hear that you're all having a good holiday, Sharron

  • LOL Cara loves to play keep away. Hope you have a great break!

  • Enjoy your holiday Sharron!

  • I have reserved a cabin in north Georgia for a week in late October, on 2 acres with a stream, a hot tub, and all dogs welcome. Chipley's first vaca with us! Can hardly wait for fall weather and fall leaves, we have to go at least 10 hours north to find either!

  • Oh Sharron, you have me laughing! One of these days you and I need to have a girl's vacation with our b's and try every bakery treat they have! I tend to be a bit of a bakery fanatic. If I had to choose one food only to live on for the rest of my life, it would be some sort of bread product - perhaps something like a scone. Sheesh, I am gaining weight just sitting here thinking of it! 🙂

  • Honey, I am round..as I tell folks at work, I have to eat to get like this..I enjoy my "treats' and at 60 I feel I should have what I want. Myself, I don't want to deny myself a piece of pie and get hit by a truck walking my dogs.to make this basenji related. Laugh.

  • "Round IS a shape" as I like to tell all my skinny, fit friends!

    Enjoy the pastries and the Oregon coast, one of the places on my 'bucket list'. Your photos always look so interesting.

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