• Hello everyone, this is a great forum! We love our little boy Quiet Riot (breeder named) or Rye for short. He's 13 weeks and our first Basenji. He's doing great, even with the snow and -10F temps that we have had today. Hope he remembers it next year! He has had 2 weeks of clicker training and doing well. Has anyone had luck with clicker training and Basenji's? Glad to be part of this forum.


  • Oh…that little stuffed bear by your bed is sooo history 😉

    Welcome! Rye is adorable! Who is his breeder please?

  • The breeder is dark skies basenjis which is near Portland, Maine.

  • I clicker train my basenjis and they love it.

  • He is SO cute and looks like SO much trouble. Gotta love those mischevious ones. I got one of my own!! That little look says it all… 🙂

  • Welcome Foschatt - Yep! He's got that look in his eye . . . Rye is the wiser! Sooo cute! Great pic of him leaping in the snow.

  • Welcome Foschatt…Welcome Rye!! What a cutie & what an adorable face!!

  • Welcome to another New Englander…he's adorable! Keep sending those great pictures!

  • Welcome! Your boy is a cutie-patootie! I looooove brindles!

  • He's a gorgeous boy! My mix is a brindle too. Thanks for sharing pictures.

  • omg, he's gorgeous! i'm in MA too, and i clicker trained my dog. I had GREAT luck w/ clicker training! it was a very enjoyable experience for both me and my dog.

  • What a handsome guy Rye is. Great pictures. Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome, and what a adorable guy you have there he is a cutie

  • Rye is such a gorgeous puppy! I love brindles. If my breeder had a brindle, that's what I would have gotten….but I wouldn't trade my Dacia (red/white) for the world!

  • I knew he was Dark Skies the first moment I laid eyes on him! I love his war paint! 🙂

  • My response to the clicker question is this - my basenji caught on to the clicker faster than my lab, but she gets bored and distracted quickly, so sessions are usually 5 minutes maximum. For the general obedience-type command like sit, I used the basenji's "what's in it for me" trait and taught her that if she wants in or out of the door she must sit first. If she wants to eat, she must sit AND give me space while prepping the food. She is smart with the clicker and offers so many behaviors that it is a chalenge for me, the trainer, to focus on one behavior to reward. That being said, any trouble I may be having could be due to novice clicker abilities. Good Luck

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