Available adults to rehome and spoil????

  • Hello my lovely BasenjiForum friends.

    I'm posting this for my parents as "interneting" is not as much their thing as mine. After the departure of our 16 year old girl (the MOST trying of TRIs), my parents have started looking for new furbabies.

    Specifically 2 Basenjis aged around 1-8 years. They do not need to be a bonded pair but certainly able to get on. At this point the parents have no objections to adopting two Bs from two different locations/homes. Most importantly they are looking for Bs who will enjoy people as well as other dogs. Obviously they don't want labradors, but the comfort of knowing if a friend comes over or if they are on a walk, friend or other dog will not lose a limb. At this point they are not capable of taking on dogs with significant behavioral issues.

    A bit about my parents: they are located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, own their own home, have a nice sized yard and are an active couple with no children at home. Their current vet practice is Basenji savvy Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital, which Dan (owned by Buddy) so kindly recommended. Armed with 16 years Basenji experience and 2 difficult children (hehe 🙂 they are quite equipped to start a new B adventure.

    Currently they have contacted Medfly and BRAT but have not yet been matched. As we all know the waiting game is good, because the goal is forever homes. However I wanted to post this incase some of the breeders had some available adults - or know of breeders who have available adults - who need to be placed.

    I would very much appreciate any info at any juncture in time, be it now or in 2 months.

    Warm regards and sniffs from Lycia,
    Lauren & Lycia

  • Lauren, I would contact Robyn/Yodel Dogs, to see if there is a match there? I don't think Robyn is willing to ship her dogs, and I totally understand why, but perhaps you know of a solution?

    The other thought would be the Wimauma pack, perhaps contacting Pam Hamilton directly? Sometimes, applications get lost on servers…

    I wish your parents well! 🙂

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