Looking to Rehome my Basenji- mix

Hey all,
I have a 3-year-old basenji named Konjo I brought home from Ethiopia after serving in the Peace Corps. She is the sweetest but needs more attention than I can give her. If anyone you know is looking for a basenji (possible part mix) please let me know. I need to rehome her by August 2019 as I'm looking to move. Shes great with kids!0_1530571580353_IMG_20180626_113635.jpg

Also, where do you live? Is she good with other dogs? Health? Additional information needed.

Whoops, sorry - 2018.

Of course! No health problems, just spayed last month, but does have a few scars from chasing hyenas in Ethiopia (the scars are small and on her face). She can be a little growly with other dogs at first but once smelling them warms up to them. She is more hesitant to warm up to shepherds (they too resemble hyenas to her). We currently live with another 10-year-old lab/hound mix and they get along perfectly.

She is totally calm around people and a total cuddle bug. If she could, she would just be pet and loved all day long. She does seem to have anxiety when left alone. This has led to many escape attempts and a few escapes (made easier by doggie doors we have before her for our other dog) When she did escape, she went to the dog park she knows, didn't see anyone she recognized and came back home on her own. She has not done any indoor destruction but has scratched the door a little.

I'm trying to rehome her as I just got a new job and can't leave her home for that long without her losing it. She also needs more exercise than I can give her. Otherwise, she is absolutely awesome and wicked smart.

I live in Brookline, MA

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Pretty Dog! Good luck with finding her a great home!

Ellen aka Antigone

Too bad you live up north. I live in Houston, Tx and am looking for a companion for my Basenji mix. He is lonely since we lost our other basenji mix in April. She was my cuddle bug and he is the stand offish B. I am retired now and we walk a lot and go to the dog park.

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Konja has already moved to her new home!

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