• Hello, my name is Sharon and our first basenji was a female tri named Sheena. She lived to the ripe old age of 14 and finally succumbed to Fanconis. We received our current basenji, Ben, from Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT) at the age of 6. He is now 12, but suffering from warts. We are working on this with him. Ben lives with three cats–all strays--Mila, Sarah, and Isabella, for whom he has a high tolerance. He likes Mila, who was Sheena's "puppy" when Mila first came to us as a small kitten.

  • Welcome Sharon and Ben. Our Gracie who is a BRAT loves "her" cat, Kamicko. They love the "I chase you, you chase me game". After a good romp they will curl up together for a much deserved nap.

  • Welcome to you and Ben, SharonG

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum Sharon, Ben and Gracie.

  • Welcome…we do have several BRAT folks here...and some I have helped get puppies from great breeders!

  • Welcome! Yep, another Brat volunteer for years, now have an adopted Brat pup.

  • Has anyone had an issue with warts? Ben has numerous warts. He had surgery several time to remove them, but they keep coming back. Now, at the age of 12, we aren't going to worry about them, but treat them with a topical medication. He eats Purina One lamb and rice along with yogurt in the morning and pumpkin (when we can get it!), a tablespoon of Iams wet dogfood, and carrots in the evening. He's otherwise very healthy. Thanks.

  • hi Sharon - a big 'WELCOME' to you and your clan!

  • Jewel has had a wart on her elbow for about three years. We have never treated it because of her age and as she only has one. She suffers no effects from it and so we leave well alone.

    How do you treat Ben's topically? I have been tokld that Thuja tincture is good. I'd be interested in any responses to your post.

  • Ben has numerous warts on the underside of his body. The vet gave us some topical ointment and a friend of ours, who has horses, recommended Compound W and Castor Oil. She had used both effectively on her horses.

  • Than you SharonG. I'll try my local horse supply trader. Fortunately Jewel only has the one but it's in a vulnerable position especially as she's getting
    a bit wobbly nowadays.

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