How very apt !


yes, how very apt…She is so stunning..

Cute photo!

Brilliant brilliant!

Beautiful Malaika! She is just lovely 😃

Very approproate signage - all female B's consider themselves the Queen indeed!

She's so gorgeous, wow. Obviously royalty. 😉

I love it!!! Jigsaw could use a sign like that - and Indy's could be called "Joker Alley". 🙂 I've always said that he's the court jester to Jig's queen.

All hail to the Queen!

Her very own street as well as house!!

She is so very pretty and I love the Queen as I am sure she is the Queen. I am not sure but I think I have the Beauty and the Beast or the Lady and Tramp.

Rita Jean

LOL lovely picture of the Queen at Queen street!

Her Majesty wishes to thank you all for your nice comments.

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