Rou's Tips for Basenjis Author

  • Hi all,
    I understand some of you are already aware of the book "Rou's Tips for Basenjis"

    Sophie Alness who was seven when she authored the book with the help of her family is undergoing her third and hopefully final surgery for ulcerative colitis.

    Sophie is now 14 and had the first surgery to remove her colon at 13. Last year when she spent her birthday in the hospital we sent out a message to the basenji community. People from all over the world sent messages and photos to me via email and we created a notebook of them. We understand Sophie still finds great joy in the notebook we created with those messages and photos.

    I am asking again for your help, any stories, messages and photos you wish to send me I would like to use to make her an actual scrap book.

    Her surgery is scheduled for Feb 9th and I will spend the next few days putting together anything the basenji community sends.

    Thanks in advance for your help, it really means the world to Sophie at a tough time in a teenage girls life.

    Therese and Kevin Leimback
    Proud breeders of Rou and even prouder friends of Sophie and the rest of the Rou Crew

  • What a trooper this young girl is.
    Thanks for posting this.

  • First Basenji's

    Therese, I had not seen Rou's Tips before. Thank you for introducing me to the title, and for sharing the wonderful website and background of the family that accompanies the book.

    I do not see where you have posted your e-mail to accept submissions. Should we just message you via your kennel e-mail?

  • Thanks for pointing that out, I'm new to the forum and just assumed my address shows up. You can send to this email which is the same for the website.

    Enjoy the book, we love it!

  • Therese, you can include the pics of Sophie I have sent you this fall and I will try to get some more photos together tomorrow.

  • Houston

    I had no idea about this title either, thank you so much for letting me know about its existance..I will send you some pictures to help bring a smile on Sophie's beautiful face…and I will purchase the book about Rou for my children..thank you again.

  • I bought loads of copies of this book. If any of my puppy owners have children, I include a copy in their puppy packs. I have also given copies to my young niece and nephew. I'm sure I'll be able to send something to contribute to the scrap book 🙂

  • Houston

    I just sent you some pictures and purchased the kids will be thrilled to read it, thanks for letting me know of its existence.

  • I've got some really cute basenji puppy pictures. I'll email them to you tomorrow.

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