Green Iguana

I cant believe I havent introduced Stanley on here :eek: I was sure I had!

But anyway, here he is! Well, I call him he but I wont know for sure until he's about 2. He's just coming up to 3 months and was brought over from a big Reptile Show in Germany 😃

This was him when I first got him. He was skinny and dehydrated 😞

Spying on the neighbours:

And some taken the last few days 🙂

You really are the "house of critters"…. (big grin!!!!)


Great pictures..looks like Stanley is coming along nicely.

Jess, Stanley is stunning! I love his colours - they remind me of tropical places I have been to. What a cute little mini iguana 🙂 he is.

Stanley sure is green! When I saw your title, my first thought was of a restaurant close to us which is named the Green Iguana - you can take your dogs there on the outdoor patio, so I thought - "Wow" In England too??? Wierd how our minds work….. anyway, cute iguana.

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