• Our house is on the market and is being shown today :D. Yesterday, my husband waxed and polished the living room hard wood floors.

    Hilarity ensued.

    Giz found the buffing pad that Mark attaches to the buffer, you know the kind they look like puffy shower caps (the elastic part goes over the buffer). Well, Giz came skidding into the living room with his front paws inside that pad pushing with his back feet. I thought he would kill himself running into things, but he wouldn't stop for me to get it away. The fact that I was screeching with laughter wasn't helping the whole issue.
    After a couple of rounds of "keep mom away from my new toy" he grabbed it with his teeth and tossed it up in the air. It landed on his head like a shower cap. (more screeching and a snort or two) Now, he's not so in love with the buffer pad so he does his psycho dance with the pad on his head and all 4 legs slide a different direction because of the polished floor.

    I had to leave the room before I needed to change my pants.

    The look my B gave me as I staggered out of the living room, snorting, crying and laughing like a dork, can only be described as pure disgust.

    😃 😃 😃 I love my B!

  • ROFL ROFL HA HA HA!!!…that is TOO funny! 😃 😃 😃

  • Ohhhhhhhhh that is just a riot!!!! LOL! Too, too, too funny! I can just imagine it was even funnier in person! 🙂

  • @jys1011:

    ROFL ROFL HA HA HA!!!…that is TOO funny! 😃 😃 😃

    LOL 😃 Never a dull moment and never ceasing to amaze their people with their wit! How funny!

    Stupid question: What does ROFL stand for? I don't belong to any other forums or chat groups, and for the life of me haven't figured out what ROFL stands for. I figured out what LOL and IMO meant after some time here and after ignoring the acronyms. :p

  • Hilarity! How're your stomach muscles today, alkite?

    (ROFL, Jill, means "rolling on the floor laughing".)

    Here's a good source of chat abbreviations, if you're interested:


  • Ohhh - Thanks gbroxon . . .

  • My stomach muscles may never be the same. Giz really does NOT like the newly polished floor. Last night, he was gracing us with his presence on the couch but decided to go lounge on his pillow. So, he grabs the blanket off Mark and drags it onto the floor, then proceeds to sort of push himself across the floor by scrunching up the blanket and then stretching his legs out again. We just stared. We couldn't quite believe it…. :eyeroll:

  • Too bad you didn't have a video camera…. we all would have loved to have seen that.

  • Ironically, we were broke when the opportunity to get Giz came about so we traded our video camera for him.

    Very redneck of us, don't you think? 😃

  • I thought just us southerners were rednecks!! LOL

  • have you tried adding polish to the pad? do you think you could have a basenji for hire? LOL…Caesar just inspects my cleaning.....

  • Mantis, I am SO going to add some polish, or maybe a little endust to the pad. I may never have to worry about the floor again.

    He's doing a nice job of keeping the dust up with his belly. You know the icy pond scene in Bambi? Yeah, well that is our house when Giz deems it important to jump off the couch. Then, on his more spunky days, the spinning makes him decide to chase his tail.
    Tail chasing Basenji + waxed hardwood floor + curly tail obsession = Mom snorts.

  • What a picture. Thanks for the laugh!!

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