• If I point the camera ANYWHERE near meeka she turns her head and buries it in whatever she can! If i keep trying she keeps turning her head away, or eventually just runs away. Its so funny, but at the same time i want some good pics of her!! I didnt know dogs could be camera shy.. anyone have a camera shy B??

    I caught her offguard and got one of her! I think she just woke up and didnt know I was trying to take a picture!


  • Do you use the flash when you snap her photos?
    Maybe it's the light – try taking pics w/out the flash a few times.

    Maybe even click the camera and give her a treat. You may wind up getting really cute perked up photos {eventually} if she thinks that clicking noise means FOOD!

  • Oh - yeah– and this is an adorable photo!

  • Didn't know if was even possible with Basenji's… My dogs are camera whores! 😉

  • Ruby is camera shy…I swear she runs away when the camera comes out. Unfortunately for her, I finally got a digital camera for Christmas:D :D.

    I think I only have a few pics of her that actually look like her because most of the time she turns her head or does something funny with her face because she doesn't like the camera.

  • She may be camera shy, but that is a cute picture and she is a pretty girl…what we can see of her! 😃


  • EL D is kind of like that. Not exactly camera shy. As soon as he hears me turn on the camera he starts to act up and won't sit nice or else shoves his nose in the camera. I've only got a few really decent pictures of him. 😞

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