Snoring :)

So here is Kipawa, laying beside me as I use my computer. He is snoring. I told Darrel that he was snoring, to which Darrel answered, "like the both of you last night".

Wisely, husband knows who does the cooking here, so he said that Kipawa and I were "very cute" while we were snorning.

heh i love it when my girl snores 🙂

Sometimes when the two dogs are sleeping on the couch and so is the cat, my husband and I have to laugh at the fact that the three of them snoring requires turning the TV up!

First Basenji's

Mojo howls in his sleep. He'll be laying there, sound asleep, and all of a sudden, Oooowww!!!! It is so funny!!! It makes me wonder what he is dreaming about!

Sensible husband, Fran!!

My girl snores…but sometimes my boy howls in his sleep...THAT wakes everyone up!

Tenji snores fairly often and usually quite loud….he also digs and claws at his blankets or pillow when he's in a deep sleep

I love to listen to the snoring.. 🙂 The little 'barks' are cute too. Tillo can also howl really loud.. Not fun to hear in the middle of the night :eek:

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