Finishing the old year . . .

. . . with a new title! Yesterday I was entered in an agility trial about 2.5 hours from where I live. I set the alarm early but as I went to bed that night the weather looked ominous. I got up very early, got dressed watched the cars ice skating on tv, looked at the darkness and went back to bed, opting to sacrafice my first run. I did make it up there for my second run and Zest! got her third leg of her OAJ title in what can only be described as a perfect run. If I had drawn the perfect path for her to take, it would have been the path she did indeed take.

I spent last night up there and while we did not qualify in Excellent, she did have 2 very nice runs. And I saw a bald eagle fly over my car on the way to the trial. Ahhh, the joys of living in Colorado.

Wow, what a way to end the year, congrats to you and Zest!

Congratulations! By the way, totally off topic but I love the name Zest- it is so unique and upbeat!

Thanks, actually I picked the name before I picked the puppy. I wanted a name that was unique to the agility and the basenji worlds and the word "zest" seemed to fit that and it was so much fun to say. When I started entereing agility trials for her, I added the ! because I figured I'd be yelling her name anyway. <gg>Now I tell people I named her Zest! because she adds flavor and color to my life. ;)</gg>

It certainly is a name that would stand out to me in the trials… its funny, with every dog I have ever owned I have always picked out the name before the puppy! Neat story, thanks for sharing:)

WTG! LOL Zest lives up to the name!

Congrats to both of you! Wonderful news.

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