• A couple of weeks ago we went lure coursing. My 10 year Nicky got to run BOB against my 1 year old youngster Sophie. It looked like he was going to beat her until he noticed a blue tarp flapping in the wind and decided blue bunnies might be better then just plain old white bunnies. Didn't stop him from coming in at the end and pouncing on the white bags at the end just like a pup though. Silly boy!


  • Just got a call from Nicky's vet and his yearly bloodwork has come back and was very good. All his values are right in the middle of the normal range. She was very happy with his physical exam yesterday. She commented that his joints and tendons felt like the joints and tendons of a much younger dog and if she didn't know his age she wouldn't be able to guess it from his condition. Yay for Nicky!

  • You go, Nicky!

    What a great feeling it must be to have a 10-year-old in wonderful health! I hope I'm as lucky with my boy. 🙂

  • Yes, I was very happy to hear that he is in great condition since he is starting to show some gray. I'm really not ready to think of him as being old.

  • Funny story … and great photo of Nicky. Glad he's doing and feeling great!

  • None of us are ready for them to get old! Good for Nicky…. glad that he is doing so well....

  • Good for you Lisa-you must be doing something right with the senior!

  • LOL at the story..any color bunny will do. Glad hear he's doing so well.

  • Good boy, Nicky!

  • I was hoping to find a local so cal place I can try my Bella at lure coursing.
    Anyone know anywhere near LA ?
    thanks for the help,

  • I know that in the Fall and Winter they do LGRA and NOTRA in Brea and Orange. I am not sure about all the places that they course but you can check http://www.asfa.org and http://www.akc.org for their calendars.

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