• Hi all - I'm new to the forums and to the Basenji breed. Today my family adopted an 8 month old Basenji mix from the local HS, and I have a couple questions:
    I plan to sleep beside the crate for the next 2/3 nights (or more) to hopefully assist with any night-time issues. After all the reading I've done, it seems as though Basenjis and towels etc do not mix - so is it safe to place a towel or 2 into the crate for her? She will also have some chew toys.
    Also, any recommendations on proper beds for her? As in, ones she won't eat?

  • Our pretty much tore up or soiled all bedding till they get trained. Start off only short times in the crate and always make it a positive as possible experience.

  • To answer your question regarding bedding; no, towels are not a good choice, they can turn out to be a dangerous thing for a dog to chew up and ingest. Polar fleece is a much safer choice.

  • Sleeping next to her is a good idea, and fun too. Some experts do it for more than a week.
    Fleece is good.
    I would't put chews or toys in her crate, you never knows what happens when you are sleeping deeply.
    The longer/better the walks, the more tired she is, the less she will destroy your house. If she doesn't get enough running time (and I mean EVERY DAY), you're in for a hard time.

  • Polar Fleece is a better choice, I agree… or sturdy beds/mats for the crate... you really need to see how she does with bedding, none of my Basenjis were bedding killers. And the crate should be in the room where you sleep, next to your bed.... then you are right there to deal with any issues.

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