Brindle in San Diego Shelter - look familiar?

  • This guy looks familiar - anyone else think he's been on BRAT site or somewhere lately? Beautiful basenji, hoping someone in our area can foster, or give him a forever home. Wish I had more room.

  • Then name seems familiar too. Hope someone gets him out of the shelter soon!

  • Yeah, I thought so too, Ann. Think I might know someone who can foster, working on it.

  • doesn't ring any bells with me, but gosh he's almost as hansome as my Diggie-dog. I hope he finds a real home soon

  • I just emailed the link to Karen at Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue in So Cal.

  • Oh, what a handsome boy, I hope he finds a lovely new home for Christmas.

    I always feel so sad for the basenji's in rescue, I always worry about how they cope with it all. I know my Maya would stress terribly to be away from her home and family and cooped up in a rescue shelter… Thank god for BRAT, lets hope they can help this guy out! At least they understand basenjis!

  • Keep us in the loop, there is a chance my parents might be able to take him. I'll try to track them down as they are on holiday.

  • I e-mailed our vet in San Diego - she may recognize him as she treats most of the San Diego area Basenjis, and lives in the El Cajon area.
    Hoping for the best!


  • I wonder how he'd be with cats? If he's good with them, I'd be happy to take him and help with the transportation.

  • I have just talked to the shelter and they mentioned BRAT was supposed to pick this little boy up… can anyone confirm that ?? My parents, who are based in San Francisco but are planning to drive through the SoCal area in the next week mentioned an interest in him as they just lost our first Basenji a few months ago. Does anyone know who is getting this boy out of the shelter ??

  • email from Karen
    On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 9:30 AM, Karen Jones

  • I have been informed that BRAT will pick up this dog today. So he shall be safe and sound soon enough 🙂

  • Wonderful, one more basenji saved!

  • Yes, Sonya McCully from BRAT got the dog already, was coming to post for Debbi

  • I know money is tight, but if anyone has even $10 to send to BRAT, it will be used to help b's like this. You will get a tax receipt and 100% of the funds will go to the dogs.
    Nice way to get a tax deduction for the new year.

  • Also, order a brat calendar! Only a few left! I am sure everyone got this but just in case:
    Get an special calendar and support Basenji Rescue!

  • I see I'm way behind the times on this one - just heard from my vet in San Diego - she says he's already in his new foster home and she did an exam on him yesterday. Good news, hoping that the little guy finds THE home very soon!


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