• I am trying to check the testing and lineage results for some b's. Am I doing something wrong? It keeps telling me http://www.caninephenome.org/search.html cannot find these dogs. I am checking a number of adult basenjis, from a number of breeders in the Pacific Northwest. Help would be appreciated 🙂

    Here are a couple of b's that I am checking, amongst many more. I hope the process of checking is relatively easy.

    Male: Am/Can Ch FoPaw's Designated Driver "Sober"
    Female: Ch Kazor's Good Karma at FoPaw's "Karma"

  • Sire is clear dam is carrier:D
    Try this one http://www.offa.org/index.html

  • Found both of these right quick. Just put the call name in the "Registered or Call Name" space and click the "Search" button.

  • Thank you so much!


  • Ahhh… a puppy from Kevin and Therese .... FoPaws Basenjis!!! Great choice... 🙂

    Lisa Voss and I are doing a co-breeding with Sophie to one of their other males, Bailey. Just waiting now to have an ultrasound done.

  • It is probably due to the privacy settings on the Canine Phenome Project website for the dog(s). The owner has to go in and change it if they want everyone to be able to see the information.


  • I had a chance to see those babies when I was there breeding Sophie. They are such cuties and very sweet.

  • I love, love Sober! Fell for him several years ago at Palm Springs KC. Sharla bred her girl Sassy (our breeding, Foress Illusion Hakuna Matata) to FoPaws Oh My God (Odin), who is down from Sober. Their daughter, Foresses La Dolce Vita, won the SCBF Specialty in 2010.


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