Oakley ate something again..FML

Friday evening Oakley took one of his plastic teething dog rings (is a star,moon and circle) and ate half the plastic star before I even knew what happened. He threw up once the morning after and plastic pieces came up. He pooped normally yesterday (not even diarrhea..the first poop the morning After had pieces of plastic in it and since there have been none. His tail is up; unlike last time..he is showing great interest in food and eating; last time he wouldn't..I am keeping him hydrated. The onlyl thing making me nervous is all yesterday (other than walks he was resting and showed a little tummy discomfort. He hasn't thrown up since. What would the safe zone of time be before I can breathe again. I mean, it's literally only been three months since his surgery for dietary indiscretion. Freakish out and panicking- I cannot afford another surgery

Stop doing this to your mommy baby Oakley! If he's acting OK and everything is going in and coming out as it should you are probably OK. Unfortunately/fortunately you know what to look for if he's obstructed.

I think you are probably out of the woods. Fingers crossed for you.

Lord I hope so. My house is literally on lockdown after him eating the leash- the ONLY THING available to him are his toys, and not even stuffed ones. He Is making me look very bad but I swear he goes to great lengths to make me look like a fool. I am headed home now after work and crossing my fingers. He ate this morning, drank water and walked well- tail set high and pooped. I hope he's acting good when I get home; haven't heard back from the vet. Left a MSG at 8am, my vets in at 3. They're prob very tired of hearing mine and oakleys names

So, oak didn't throw up in his crate, he ate all his food with vigor, he didn't drink in his crate..the 1/2 ginger ale 1/2 water sitting could have turned him off so I've given him straight ginger ale to get him to have fluids ( it's his fav)..he is peeing and had a good, solid, normal sized stool with no trace of toy pieces he isn't straining to go. Again his tail is tightly curled and he is running around. I could be paranoid but he has a little weary look and I'm praying for a good outcome. Vet hasn't called yet to tell me what she thinks I should do. I'm praying it isn't or doesn't result in an obstruction or surgery and perhaps bc his stomach is so sensitive these days he could benefit from a Pepcid or Zantacā€¦ These last three months have been non stop pandemonium. I need a break..but Oakley just looks at me like "not my problem ma, suck it up!"


They're prob very tired of hearing mine and oakleys names

No, they probably hear the sound of money when they see they have a call from you! šŸ™‚ He sounds like he is doing fine. Don't put yourself in the hospital worrying about it!

Oakley Oakley Oakley give your mum a break, hope he's ok, it must be a boy thing Kaiser has in the last few days eaten part of my vacuum cleaner, destroyed a pen and a plastic piece that is used to tighten elastic cords all due to my having left them in his reach and busy doing something, they are quick fast and sneaky. So we are on poop squish duty to check what goes in comes out in the same quantities, lot's of fun.

Jolanda and Kaiser

I'm so lucky that my Bs never ingested the things they destroyed. They just leave it all for me to clean up!
Also, Bs excel at making their owners look bad.. I tripped over Elliot while he was trying to get a squirrel. He looked like a happy puppy and I looked like a fool who didn't know how to walk!

Glad all seems okay. I really think they try to keep us broke so we can't go on vacations and leave them. šŸ˜ž

Luckily the doctor called back and didn't say I needed to come in and said he should be ok bc he is still eating,drinking and pooping but to monitor him closely for another 24-48 hoursā€¦it's been about 65 hours in and he's still eating,drinking, playing and he is even resting less so I'm hopeful this isn't gonna be a nightmare. I just am still a wreck from the leash accident so my nerves are gonna be on edge for at least the next week to make sure he isn't "that dog" that shows symptoms a week later... Oh Oakley, you don't ever give up!

Maybe you could just get a zipper inserted in his belly.

I suggested that to a friend with a Dobie that was on his 5th surgery

That's so ironic you said that. Yesterday I was telling my friend that if Oakley needed surgery agin I was going to recommend a zipper instead of the staples. I mean, literally his incision isn't 100% healed and blended into his belly yet. I love Oakley to death but his antics are driven from deep within. My house is scarce and just when I start to feel like we're making progress he goes and blows my mind with the lengths he'll go to.

I am very happy he doesn't need surgery, he has been very expensive the last three months and I was fearful on how to pay for possibly another surgery bc on the 30th of this month we are headed to Tufts behavioral to have a consult with Dr. Dodds..which is pricey enough. I prefer not to get into the details of his visit, just to say we've had some struggles after his surgery. Oakley has been through non stop trauma, emotionally, physically and mentally with his after care complications and changes to get him healthy and I know he's having a hard time with settling. I suspect his thyroid may be off bc of the extreme bodily challeges/changes so that's also on the table. I'm hoping that by three he settles into a nice, quiet, placable boy (haha, my dream!)

well, thyroid is easy enough to address. Hopefully you will be able to get a clear game plan from Dr Dodds. Yes it's pricey, but probably cheaper in the long run.

Medically he's been so up and down since the surgery that I don't think it's out of the realm to think his thyroid is off, especially with the behaviors I'm seeing. I also think I'm hoping for some of it to be his thyroid bc it is easier to fix than behavioral issues. Nevertheless, I have seen clear patterns of escalating behaviors that I firmly believe have something to do with his surgery, his resulting fastings, numerous food changes to address his intolerances both from the surgery and allergies to foods..all while having dropped to skin and bonesā€¦while ive found a food that FINALLY works for him it's not been a fix all. At last, Oakley is on natural balance limited ingredient..it's the only food I have found that addresses the must haves for oakleys body
-grain free
-low protein..for many reasons he does need this

I am very hopeful and grateful that Tufts Behavioral is one of the best in the country and its in my state; it will certainly be a worth while investment and am committed to understanding oakleys needs better and making him a more reliable boy in situations of question now and to also have behaviorists that are vets so we can truly make sure Oakleys health is not contributing to the problem. He is a good boy, certainly the boy I needed in my life...he gives me a run for my money (literally) but I wouldn't trade him for the lottery.

We did a lot of resting the last couple days trying to keep his belly settled and hoping rest would pass the plastic pieces from his belly!! So far so good!

sweet pics, thanks for sharing. and do let us know how the consult goes. it makes perfect sense to me that the time at the vet's office, surgeries, anesthesia, upheaval in his little system, etc would have an effect on his mental/emotional state and personality. And it's doubly nice that you have the best nearby.

As far as feeding, have you thought about home cooking? It is more trouble/time, but you can control exactly what he's eating. And there are websites to help you calculate all the nutrients. (I homecooked for my dear Digital when he became ill.) If there's anything I can do to help, feel free to ask.

He really looks so innocent.


He has had a lot of practice pretending to be what he's not: innocent! What's the antithesis of innocentā€¦??? Oh yea, guilty!!

Hard job for you as how could anyone be mad with that cuteness and those ears are to die for. Hope you hear all good news when you have your consult with Dr Dodds.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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