• Hello!

    My little guy drank dish soap. I had some dish soap diluted in water to make bubbles for the neighbor kids and Jetson took it upon himself to clean up after we where finished. I'm not sure exactly how much soap was in the cup maybe a tablespoon but he has since thrown up twice and had on and off diarrhea and very soft poop since. He is acting completely normal running around the house playing. It has been 3 days since the soap. I thought he had finally gotten over it yesterday but this morning we went right back to the squirts. Any suggestions on how long this last or what I should feed him. He has never eaten anything besides his dog food until I tried to give him rice to sooth the stomach last night. That may have given him the runs this morning. I am thinking about taking him to the vet tomorrow but I wanted to ask you all first!

    Everything online says he will be okay but Basenji's are not your typical dogs!

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