• Hi all… It's been a while since I've posted... Lots of life changes... I can explain all that later. 🙂

    Anyway, Tucker has something on his face. Looks like a wart. It's kinda firmish (soft but firm, if that makes sense). He doesn't complain too much if I squeeze it a bit (not too hard). And it kinda seems like I could just rip it off if I set my mind to it. Anyone seen anything like this or know what it is?

    In these pics, it kinda looks translucent, but it's not. It looks very similar to a wart. It's grow to that size in about a month. He didn't have it at all when I left him at the kennel for a week about a month ago. He had it when I took him home and it grew since. (Please note I hate leaving my dog at the kennel, but I had to go out of town for a college reunion and he was to be left for only 3 days. Then I had an unexpected death in the family, so my time out of town got extended...)

    Thanks in advance!

  • It does look like a wart..its not attached to the bones in the face is it?
    Just on the skin?

  • Yeah, just on the skin. When I pull on it it pulls his cheek out… It's, like, right on top of the whisker knob familiar to the cheek of all B's...

  • It looks like a sebaesous (sp?) cyst. Basically a big zit, without a head. My dogs get them occasionally. A couple of my dogs get them frequently. Sometimes I squeeze them (I know…tmi...yuck!)...but they usually will eventually rupture on their own. If it gets larger (the largest I have seen are the size of a pea), or the skin changes I would get him into the vet.

  • That is what I would say it is too, mine get them, Mickii lots….. and usually on the face/head and legs...

    And yuck.... Andrea... I squeeze them too!!!! My kids HATE when I do that!!!

  • You are prolly right. He had one on his noggin not too terribly long ago and I took him to the vet. She needled it and squeezed some goop out. My fiance (yes, I got engaged) was pissed that she wasn't able to be there because she's a squeezer BIG TIME. Her dog is basically allergic to everything and gets bumps on it's tuckus. She squeezes those.. I'm like…"Uh, honey? Please wash your hands!"

    Anyway, I squeeze it a bit every now and again and it's yet to pop but it kinda feels like it might. Maybe I'll lance it one of these nights when he's tuckered out and there's low risk of blood being drawn (on my end). I'm tempted to take some nail clippers and snip it off, but I'm afraid that would create more problems than exists already...like infection.

  • My dogs all got wart-like things on their mouths or lips a few years ago, basically a pappiloma that eventually went away after awhile. Looked just like a rough white wart. The vet said puppies with low immune systems get them and they go away. Most of the sebacious cysts mine have had just start out as a lump, then look like skin, not like a wart. I have not seen a pappiloma that was not on a mucous membrane, but it could be either!

  • Congrats on the engagement Tucker's Dad 🙂 thought you'd slip that by did ya?! So when will Tucker have a new mom & brother?

  • Yes congrats! Also, hope Tucker's blemish is gone & he's doing well 🙂

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