• If a judge handled your dog like this on the table?? :eek:


    I dont think i could say what i'd do :o I cant believe the handler just let the judge do that!!!

  • :eek:

    I think Tillo would teach her right away that this is not the way to judge/handle a Basenji… 😉

  • I would've said something. I handle Kairoe in shows, and I would not allow that.. even if it meant not even qualifying in "her" books. I wouldn't do that to him, how could I allow her to do so? AND like Tillo, I'm sure Kairoe would make it clear to her she's making a big mistake!

  • I'd probably be too stunned to do much, but after I came to my senses, I would ask that the video be shown to the AKC rep and let the rep deal with the judge.

  • I would expect no respecting Basenji to tolerate such handling!

    I'd take mine out of the ring! No award is worth allowing a judge to mishandle
    a dog like that!

  • Houston

    I am shocked…why did no one react? What was the judge trying to accomplish? I mean what was she doing? No way I would've put up with that, no way...maybe I am to sensitive but this isn't normal is it?

  • First Basenji's


    Basenjimamma, that's my reaction too. What the hell is going on?!

    There is one comment on the video that appears to be from the handler:

    She said the following "you are a beautiful dog, has a beautiful head, the body is very beautiful, strong legs, beautiful eyes, very good teeth and two healthy testicles…I'll show you how you should stand him...then she started the cruel behavior. It's all very well on the film. Where I nodded my head approvingly is because she told me everything is fine with him just need to train him more"

  • Well my dog for sure would not have won because I am sure I would have slapped
    her right in the face for doing that to my dog. My dog's are not dog's they are my babies and that crazy Witch with a B is nuts. That poor little dog for sure did not want to go back over by that judge you could see that.

    Rita Jean

  • OMG cant believe that the judge handled this dog, (?pup?), like this… I just pray it doesnt ruin the dog for good :mad:... Not sure I would be able to keep my hands to myself, if she did that to one of my dogs...

    Does anyone know who the judge was ??? It looks VERY much like a Polish lady we had judging down here in Oct at our Royal Hobart Show...

  • The judge is a well known, apparently very well respected judge called Ana Mesto from Spain. She judges internationally apparently :eek: I imagine she has ruined that poor pups future in the show ring 😞 A basenji wouldnt tolerate that handling (thank god!!) but most toy breeds will. I'd like to see her trying such things to a rottie or something :mad:

  • I'd have done some on the spot training that Kohler would have approved of on the judge. OMG.

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