• just joined the community today..and i noticed this morning( first morning with our nnew dog) that our cat…had taken upon herself to urinate on the quilt on our futon..territorial thing..even if she hasn't been exposed to the dog yet? Is there a way to curb this action from my cat? The cat was here first..and she's about 1 yr old..so we're taking slow measures to introdue the two to see if having them around each other might work...since I'm working with Cambria urinating on the bathroom floor currently..i really am not a fan of having my living area smelling like urine as well..any suggestions from ya'll? 😃

  • Since I don't have a cat, can't help with that, but I am reasonably sure if this is a new behavior then it would be marking. They can "smell" the intruder….

    Who did you get Cambria from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis here....

  • First all I should apologize..i neglected to mention that Cambria isn't a purebred..but you would only know this by the lack of white on her paws. If i had to guess she has a touch of Australian Cattle dog in her blood. The breed has already impressed us very quickly as I have already researched the closest breeder to us here in Texas..that being unfortunately almost 4 hrs from us..another Basenji is in the back of our minds..but nothing too soon as we only just got her. Is there a thread I may of missed detailing how all of the B's are related? It interests me as well. Ty for your response 🙂

  • For those of us that have purebreds (however everyone is welcome as we have lots of people that have mixes on the Forum) many of our Basenjis are related by pedigree, so that make us humans related by our Basenjis….gggg

  • Welcome to the forum to you and Cambria 🙂

  • Your cat is showing her displeasure at the arrival of your new dog in the only way she knows how. Once she gets used to Cambria, she'll stop it.

    Cats respond to positive reinforcement, so when she starts to re-use the litter tray again, be sure to treat her. If you catch her in the act, then use a loud noise (clapping your hands and/or a stern 'No') should work to deter her from urinating inappropriately. Don't punish her after the fact, even if it's a few seconds after as she'll learn to fear you.

    Of course, your cat could also be sick and is trying to tell you so. Cats hide sickness extremely well, so the urination could be her saying "Hey human, I'm sick!" My youngest cat held his bladder problems so well that the only way I knew he was sick was because he was sitting in the litter tray and refusing to come out.

  • Well, when we had a baby, our Maine Coon cat began marking. We did the vet check (which you should make sure there are no stones, infection etc).. nothing. We put on prozac… didn't help. He pooped on anything of hers he could find. After 5 mos our friends came over and took him back home with them (he lived with them for 3 mos when we were moving, then 6 mos when we lived there looking to buy our house).

    We would have coped simply by keeping her stuff up and hoping he got over it, but he was a very unhappy camper. New home, no one playing with him 3 hours every night like they did... it was the right decision though my husband mourned for years that his "son" abandoned him.

    My only advice is to get him totally vetted, and then make sure he gets tons of attention, and to get good enzyme cleaners to totally remove the odors. Your cat, unlike ours, is young. I think you have good chance of it being okay.

    But why is Cambria peeing in bathroom floor?

  • She was just spayed saturday..she's having trouble holding it for more than 30 minutes or so at a time…this evening she has seemed to have done better..2 hrs without having a problem..i take her out every 4 hrs..and she does her business..both..she's only lived here for 2 days..so it's really hard to get any real data yet..if it continues after a few days i will be taking her to the vet to see if it's UTI related. we're getting a crate this evening so i can see if it's a matter of her needing to be housebroken..or if she really is still having pressure from the surgery.

    Auriaya..our cat..seems to be in an ok mood today..she has kept to her larger part of the house..and i have been keeping Cambria to a smaller area until the two have had enough encounters on their own and ours to attempt putting them together..she's not marking in front of me. she's due for a vet visit anyway so i have scheduled it as well..we'll see if there is anything major wrong with her

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