Where's AJ #21

Well, it's not where I am right now, but where I'll be tomorrow…if my human can get enough sleep through my loud, off-key singing, that is...

The song I am singing made #1 on the Roll and Bark Top 40 charts in 1959 and was sung by Willbite Harrier. It was later covered by Wags Podengo and a whole bunch of other great dogs that I just can't think of right now

La-dah Dee-dah, Dah-dah Dee-dum, Here I come!
They got some crazy little bitches there
And I'm gonna get me one…

Maybe I better pipe down for a while. My human is pulling the pillow over her head.


(extra credit for exchanging the Canine names with the humans who recorded a similar song.)

YAY! You are back! So glad to know you are both with us.

Is it "Kansas City"? by Wilbert Harrison?

I love "Where's AJ"! 🙂

Yes, Kansas City. We'll be at the Edwardsville, KS Swift yard at around 6:30 pm today. (03 Nov)

So, any idea who correlates to Wags Podengo? Venture a guess?


AJ certainly rides in style !

Thank you. It looks pretty good for a piece of farm equipment. It's an International, formerly known as International Harvester.

Plans have changed… I'll be a few miles north of the yard.

Porter Waggener (sp ?)maybe? singing Kansas City !

Wags Podengo=Fats Domino. 🙂

Thank you for playing….. 😃

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