Sharing water or drying you off?

  • First, who else has basenji who must rub against you after a shower, especially wet hair? Sayblee and Arwen always went nuts, contorting to rear and rub their bodies, bite my hair etc. Cara is interested but mostly licks. I have never figured out if they are frantic to save me from being wet or frantic to share precious water.

    However, if you ever hear I have died some bizarre death and CSI is examining my body, please tell them why they find dog saliva in my hair.

  • I think this is pretty common behavior for basenjis - my current beastie comes running when I shut off the shower so she can lick my feet and she goes nuts if I don't let her lick my wet hair.

  • Roxy is interested in licking the water off me, Rocky is more interested in rubbing himself on the towel, he's tried pulling the towel off me more than once.

  • Spring always inssits on licking me (her version of drying ) if i|'m wet in any way. She always takes this on as her personal job and she doesn't allow any of the others to do it. When any one is in the house who's jrecently washed their hair Gbala rubs her own scent all over their head!

  • LOL so mine are normal.

  • yep, we get licked to death (ha ha) as soon as we step out of the shower.

    if she cant wait if we have a bathtub she tries to lick us while we are in it ha ha.


  • Ella does not dry us off, but she will go after any other wet dog. When we are walking near a creek with our Labrador friends she will crouch on the edge of the stream, torn between excitement and fear. But when a wet dog emerges from the creek, she will excitedly chase and nip and lick them.

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