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Okay Wynston is the full brother to my Sayblee… who died.
Arwen is from half bro/sis Wynston and Gypsy.

Can those of you who know pedigrees look and tell me if there are things I should be concerned with in Arwen. At 8, she test strips clear.. I plan to get her Fanconi test this month (and hopefully Cara's if I can get on the darned CPP and register

Ch Antares Texas Gypsy

X Sire: Ch Bar-Bin's Wynston of Antares

Gypsy and Wynston have same dam.

In her sire pedigree:
Explicit Boy Named Sue
HM809935/06 08-00
Red & White

CH Palmdesert Lion On The Loose
HM722974/21 04-99
Red & White

CH Palm Desert Ful-A Charisma
HM550532/02 03-96
Red & White

CH Arubmec's Chief Happy Peanut
HD806077 05-91
Red & White

CH Palm Desert's Golden Girl
HM382818/02 05-94
Red & White

CH Palm Desert's Leading Lady
HM700230/02 11-97
Red & White

CH Akuaba N Terrarust Opening Act
HM377897/01 07-97 (Canada)
Black & White

CH Palm Desert Fula Zaire Roe
HM441442/02 03-96
Red & White

Explicit Pillow Talk
HM637392/05 04-99
Red & White

CH Blucrest Bound For Reveille
HM508783/01 02-95
Red & White

CH Akuaba's Tornado JC
HD813809 12-91
Red & White

Bijoux's Tri Token To Blucrest
HD275978 05-87
Black Tan & White

CH Legacy's Lite N' Lively
HM443765/01 08-96
Red & White

CH Beja John Henry
HD608234 05-90
Red & White

CH Legacy's Kiss Me Katie
HD581421 05-90
Red & White

Looking at my pedigree data - in 5 generations - you have several fanconi carriers (through pedigree knowledge not DNA test results) on both sides of the pedigree as well as PRA carriers on both sides. There is also some thyroid issues and Hip Dysplasia. I would not be too alarmed - all of these issues are common in many pedigrees when you start looking further back.

I would just test for fanconi, do yearly CERF, routine labs once a year to every other year to be on top of any problems that might arise.

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Well, she came to me with blue, yes BLUE, eyes the strands were so numerous. We had her in before you could blink to UGa specialist. Fortunately none of the strands were attached but she still has many strands at 8 yrs old next mo. I do strip testing but am going to send shortly. We have done labs yearly just because of the auto immune and then cancer with Sayblee. Just had full panel run with Michigan for thyroid, so I guess I am on top of things except new CERF. Thanks Linda.

The best way to get accurate health information is to contact the breeders behind your dogs. Looking at the pedigree on Sally's database, you could probably get the most information from Pat Marshall of Berimo and Pat Cembura of Arubmec. Both of them are easy to talk to and have longevity in the breed. I'll give you their contact info privately.

I have talked to them long ago when Arwen arrived, supposedly clear eyes with utterly blue eyes and discovered other major discrepancies from the breeder (not either of them). Sometimes though, outsiders have info. And thanks, I actually have the contact info.

What kind of autoimmune problem does she have? My Arnie, who is nine, has some kind of autoimmune problem but the vets are unsure exactly of what it is. It started with swelled joints on both front legs.

Does she have any other eye problem or just the PPM strands? I have a boy who is three that has one blue eye but he has other eye problems as well. The blue was much more noticeable and was in all areas of the eye when he was younger-under one and now the blue is off to one side. Robyn saw him at the lure coursing event at the National in KY and he had to look off to the side so we could see the blue.


So when you see blue eyes on a b, its PPM strands?

It is my understanding that for PB Bs, a blue eye would signify PPM, especially if it had the blue eye at birth. I would call it more like a bluish tint. My Bowie did not have a blue eye like a Siberian Husky. The membrane strands usually disappear by about eight weeks old and if not then they become PPMs. A B can be CERF'd if it is minor iris to iris PPM only.

I believe there are other eye diseases that can cause blue eyes.



What kind of autoimmune problem does she have?
Does she have any other eye problem or just the PPM strands?


So when you see blue eyes on a b, its PPM strands?

Sayblee had autoimmune issues and had multiple surgeries to remove inflammations. She died 9/9/09 from Lymphoma after 5 mos of failed chemotherapy protocols. I actually posted about it here, think I even put up pictures.

Arwen only has massive PPM strands. She will be 8 in 2 wks, thus far has been healthy as a horse otherwise.

When I say blue, I don't mean REALLY blue as in pigment. I meant just so many strands they have very blue cast and you can easily see the strands in the light. The UGA eye specialist doing CERF said.. "wow, I haven't seen this many strands in a very long time!" He asked me to bring him back to him, FREE, to see how many went away after a year. Some did but she still has heavy strands.

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