• I suggest reading Control Unleashed and pay attention to the Collar Grab Game also the dvd Crate Games. Just go slow and create a history of lots of successes.

    you could also maybe try clicker training her to put her head into a slip lead.

  • My first thought was pain of some sort - teeth, touch sensitivity, structural damage but asd your vet has checked her that doesn't seem to be. Just remember that Basenjis can be very stoical when purely teted for pain by a vet. I had a Basenji with a concealed tooth abscess which the vet didn't discover for a while because my dog showed no reaction when he felt the teeth and jaw.

    Is she aggressive to you at any other times than when you go to leash her? Are you putting the leash on inside her kennel? Is she the same if you put it on outside her kennel? It could have been a bad experience with a leash. Look carefully at the times when she does let you do it. You say that after you've left her in the kennel she's ok next time and then repeats the cycle. It's unlikely that it is because she's sussed that you aren't going to take her out if she bites as she reverts unless she is slow at learning.

    I totally agree with Agilebasenji and I think that the key is patience and perseverance.

  • Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think in the long run, a little work and rewards will help to resolve the issue. I will update her progress.

  • Patty,

    This basenji girl normally lets you touch her all over. She is a little sensitve about her feet and will mouth you if you touch them, but she will not usually bite. She allows us to grab her tongue, teeth, ears, tail and almost every part of her. The only time she gets at all agressive is with the leash and when she is woken up on the couch. I think there must be some previous issue with the leash, or maybe it is related to the rash on her chest.

  • Yes,wsurci, I think you're right, as all else is well. Back to the patience and perseverance and I do hope the issue will soon beresolved. Please keep us updated.

  • Maybe use the "Car Ride" word to go somewhere fun?

    This overshadows anything in our dogs heads.

    Let her think of the leash as only a positive thing.

  • Wayne, maybe it's the approach? One of mine won't bite, but shies away and runs off when I try to put her harness on her. I think it is also something in her mind.

    The consistent approach that has worked for mine is: I sit on the floor, call her, and say, "treats!" (armed with some, of course :)). I ask her to sit, praise her, and then when I put the harness over her head, I don't reach over her head, I place it below her mouth and gently put it over her face. Again praising, coaxing, gentle voice, and a treat. When I remove it, it's the same thing.

    Good luck! Let us know?

  • Thanks,
    We have temporarily gone back to the slip on nylon leash. She actually runs to you when it is time to go for the walk, but will not come close when she sees the harness. We will try to gain her trust again so that we can minimize the rash that she gets from the slip on.

  • I had a new young rescue-about 8 mos. old who was fine when I took him out of the crate which was in the car. He was unable to see the leash and I was able to get it on his collar just fine. I took him to the fenced-in backyard, unleashed him, and let him run around with the other rescues. When I went to get him, I was holding the leash and trying to get him to come to me. He was able to see the leash and when I approached him and tried to put the leash on him, he bit my finger. I was unable to get him in the house and had to leave him outside while I did a transport for two rescues. Thankfully, my roommate was home to keep an eye on him. I found out that he had a fear of leashes, along with other things and also socialization problems. It really bothered him if he saw a leash in the air which would be above him. It seemed to be okay if I could put it on below him. I had to work with him for months to have him accept leashes. Sometimes he will still act hesitant about them. From time to time I will have him and the other Bs play with the leashes and make a game out of it. I had to do the same thing with a broom.

    I obtained him from an OH Amish breeder/dealer and I can only imagine what the living conditions were like. This man was not the original breeder.

    I had his eyes CERF'd and it was not an eye problem. I thought that might be the problem since the leash was coming from above.


  • Well I was going to suggest she could have a neck injury (disk) but if she runs to the slip on, then that's not it. Can you use BOTH the slip on the put on harness?

  • @wsuraci:

    We have temporarily gone back to the slip on nylon leash. She actually runs to you when it is time to go for the walk, but will not come close when she sees the harness. We will try to gain her trust again so that we can minimize the rash that she gets from the slip on.

    Depending on the fit of the harness, it can be painful to their shoulder movement. I do not recommend the use of a harness to any of my puppy buyers. I have seen many times it alter the front assembly movement, especially if that pup/dog is not built correctly to begin with…

  • It may be that the harness irrates her in some way. She runs when she sees the harness.

  • I use a harness for Topper, as a collar triggers his chronic cough. We use the 'step in' harness, which they step into and then has one clip on the shoulders. No wrestling over head, or manipulating legs or shoulders, I like it and it does not seem to interfere with his movements.

    But if she fears the harness, I would go with the collar, get leather or hemp if the nylon bother's her.

  • You can also get collars that are fleece lined. All Hounds Apparel has some nice ones that are wide and fleece lined.


  • We have two different types of harnesses. Both are the walk in type. One is leather and one is nylon, but lined with fleece. She seemed to not mind the fleece one as much, but wherever the fleece touched her fur, the fur would vanish like you shaved it. The harness was adjustable and we tried loose and tight, but the fur still came off. That is when we went to the leather one. Now she will not wear any of them. We have a leather collar on her now. It still irritates her neck, so we remove it in the house. We just need to be careful with the front door. Thankfully she has not demonstrated any escaping or bolting actions yet.

  • Not sure, have honestly never USED one.. but would head harness help avoid the damaged neck area? And where is the damage? Using a collar up behind the ears should avoid most problems. Good luck.

  • Have you considered getting a referral to a dermatologist? Since the fur loss is so dramatic, maybe they are causing her discomfort which is why she doesn't want to wear them.

  • We have been to a dermotologist. She was given a topical cream and suggested that we use a leather product.

  • Have you let them know that she is seems to still be experiencing issues?

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