Basenjis in Edmonton, Alberta


Young basenji puppies can ride in a sherpa in the plane with you

What exactly is a sherpa? Pictures of one? Thanks.


What exactly is a sherpa? Pictures of one? Thanks.

And I have the same opinion as lvoss. I do not ship puppies, if there is travel involved you have to come pick up the puppy. This past March we brought 3 puppies home in Sherpa's (2 in one, 1 in the other) from Chicago to San Francisco.

And agree that it is the breeder that picks the puppy as lvoss stated it is the breeder that knows the pups the best and can pick the best pup for the potential new home.

Welcome to the forum, you will find lots of good advice here.

Welcome to the forum - I hope you're soon able to find a Basenji.

Hey Brianne! Sorry for not responding sooner.
My plan is exactly what Lvoss described - flying there and meeting everyone and then hopefully taking a puppy home with me in the plane. Anyway, good luck in finding something that works for you!

Welcome to the forum! Hope you find your puppy soon!


Welcome to the forum..I wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect little puppy.

Hi anyone knows where to buy a basenji? Any idea if it will survive on cold wethear? I am from edmonton.

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@brianne said in Basenjis in Edmonton, Alberta:

Hello. I'm looking to buy a basenji and I'm have troubles finding a breeder in Alberta, preferably near the Edmonton area. Does anyone have a basenji and if so, where did you buy from? I'm very interested in the breed and would like to start the process ASAP!


Contact the Basenji Club of Canada and also try looking for a breeder at there is a link to search for breeders. There are Canadian breeders there (if I remember right)

No Basenji breeders right around Edmonton anymore. Closest is a breeder in Calgary. Most of the Basenjis around here recently have been coming from Beaubri kennels in Mission, BC. She breeds nice Basenjis.

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