• Any fellow basenjis in the Lake County area of Illinois? I'd love to get together at one of the great Lake County dog parks with some other basenjis and their owners and my 1 year boy Ajax. ~Shelley in Ingleside,IL

  • Hey dogstar42,

    I'm not in that exact area but the Basenji Club of Southern Wisconsin(http://www.bcosw.org/) has several activities every year not far from you, one of which is a Fun Day where everyone can bring there dog for fun and games in Rockford, IL. It's on July 11 this year. You should consider joining the club. They haven't updated the calendar on the website yet but if you look in the latest newsletter it has a list of most of the dates for the year. There is also a Chicagoland Basenji Club but I am not as familiar with that one.


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