Any Basenjis in Vancouver or Victoria? (Or in-between?)

  • Re: [Are there any basenji meeting groups in the Vancouver](Canada area?)

    Hi all!
    I'm a newbie here, and am looking into getting a Basenji puppy sometime this year or early next. However, I've never met a Basenji in 'real-life', and I would love to get together with someone who does or join a meetup before making a definite commitment. Currently I'm living on campus at UBC in Vancouver, but home for me is in the Victoria, BC area.

  • I have a fabulous breeder north of Seattle. She is not that far you could go for a weekend and meet her puppies. They are by far the calmest basenjis I have ever met and I have a 7 year old brother and sister. Her name is Rita Webb. No ka oi basenjis. You can probably google her and she is on Facebook. I'm in Calgary and I flew to Seattle to go pick up my boy, and his sister was shipped.

  • Terrarust Basenjis (and Labradors) is in Delta. She mostly breeds Labs now but she has Basenjis around I'm sure. Also owns and operates Delta Kennels boarding facility. This is the only email address I have for her:

  • Beaubri Basenji's in mission bc are one of the top basenji breeders in bc if not Canada. If you are still looking I would get in touch with Simone she is the breeder.

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