Basenjis in the Jacksonville, FL area

The males listed were my two boys. I had one inquiry total from craigslist and it was a basenji experienced home and she went and adopted one of the females also listed on Craigslist that my boys previous co-owners had. I am not sure if they have placed all 4 of their females, I know they had one spoken for and then this lady was going to adopt one of them.


Does anyone know if any of them are still available?

I really don't know, I haven't talked to them in a couple of weeks but I will shoot them and e-mail and ask.


I just spoke with them and the 2 adult females Honey and Cinnamon are still available. I encouraged them to come on here and post the girls info so hopefully they will in the next couple of days.


Do you know what they're asking for Cinnamon?

I don't know. You can contact them through the Craigslist ads that were posted earlier or e-mail privately for their phone number.


I did but they didn't answer their phone or call back and haven't replied to my email.

First Basenji's

I may be a little crazy- but I called to inquire about the remaining females. Buddy would have to choose… but seriously, if they can't find a home I sure do not want the girls going to a shelter.....

Buddy, They won't take the girls to the shelter, they will keep them until homes are found. Both of them are nice dogs.
Heinz, it may just be because you are out of state, I'm not sure they are wanting to ship the girls.


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