3 Free PB Basenjis in Dallas, TX area

  • First Basenji's

    I ran across these ads posted by the same person in Van Alstyne. I don't know how to send these on to BRAT, but I know that there are several members on here that do.
    Rigby is listed as brindle, but has an interesting coloring.

    Rigby is a 4 year old brindle male. I have owned him all of his life. He is very intelligent, house broke neutered and up to date on shots. It breaks my heart to re-home him. He has began to attack my goats. He gets along well with cats and all other dogs. Also with children and people. VERY friendly. Not fussy over food. Only aggression has been towards the goats. Please only call me if you are serious about giving him a loving home. I also have two more basenji's that I need to rehome. A 4 year old female (standard colors) and a 5 year old black and white male. Spayed and neutered, house broke and up to date on shots.. They are also free to good homes only. The female gets along well with males, but is a bit touchy about other females. She needs to be the "pack" leader. I would like for the black and white male and the female to be homed together if at all possible. I love these dogs and will only let them go to a good home. 940/736/7158

    Penny is a 4 year old standard color female and Trip is a 5 year old black and white male. I would like to re-home these two as a pair if at all possible, but may consider separating them for the right home. Penny is the "pack leader" and Trip is her "pack"…lol. These two belong to my daughter. She has a new baby and is no longer able to give them the attention they deserve or pay for the upkeep on them. I have them at my house right now where I'm having to keep them in kennels. My daughter and I love them enough that we know they deserve better than being penned up and need more loving attention. If you are not familiar with the basenji breed, please do research before you consider adoption. Both are house broke, up to date on shots, spayed and neutered. Please call 940/736/7158. Thank you very much....Donna

  • b/w? Brindle? I don't really know where she got those colours on these dogs that I am seeing. It looks like they are both tri's. I wonder if she contacted the breeder?

  • I let BRAT know about these Basenjis and someone from BRAT has already spoken wish the owner.

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