Looking to adopt a Male Adult Basenji in Ohio/Midwest area.

Looking to adopt a Male Adult Basenji in Ohio/Midwest area. I currently have a 4 year old Female Basenji and she is looking for a companion/playmate. We are located in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area.

Are you strictly looking for a rescue or are you open to getting an adult from a breeder? Breeders occasionally have adults available and there are a lot of great ones in OH/Midwest.

Sue Kite/Jeff Gillespie of Klassic Basenjis
Becky Blansett of Epic Basenjis
Tracy Leonard of Select Basenjis
Tim Huff of Victory Basenjis
Are all breeders I know in Ohio.

My dogs come from Tad Brooks (KY) and Jan Kahl (MO). Tad is about 5 hours away from me (I'm from Cleveland) and I know he has adults available from time to time :). I'm very happy with my boys from him!

I am open to getting an adult dog from a breeder, just as long as he is neutered. I like to take my dogs to the dog park and that is usually a requirement. I will look up the breeders you mentioned to see if they have any available.

Thank you

Also, check with BRAT , Basenji Rescue and Transportation

Yes, I currently have an application in with BRAT. I adopted a female Basenji from there in Jan. of this year, but I wanted 2 dogs. I've expressed interest in a couple of dogs but they were all far away from me and I think the dogs went to people who were closer.

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