MO-Cabool-Dog Auction-6/16-1 Male Adult and 4 Older Pups-1 Male and 3 Females

  • There is a dog auction at the Heartland Sales in Cabool MO on 6/16. I doubt I will be able to go because I cannot drive long distances due to a medical issue and it is over 500 miles from where I live. If you are serious about rescuing one of them, I can probably put you in touch with someone who will be attending the auction and will probably be from MO. If you have never been to a dog auction before, I suggest you not go on your own to bid! Cabool, MO is approximately 80 miles E of Springfield MO and 170 miles SW of St Louis, MO.

    Is anyone familiar with the adult male? He obviously has been bred before and has puppies on the ground. Is he the sire to anyone's dog? I could not find him in the Pedigree Database but there is a dog with a similiar name but he is older and had a pup in 12/07. It could be this dog's sire. This is why it is important to get dogs that are with other registries into the Database!

    Does anyone have a puppy that could be related to these puppies-same date of birth and the breeder would be from MO, OK, AR, KS, IA, or NE? Your puppy could be from a petstore or sold online like from or

    This is another reason to do research on your breeder! Many times these breeders will sell any unsold pups once they are older at the dog auctions and if they have too many adult breeding dogs or decide to keep puppies for breeding and sell the adults. All these pups could not be sold as Christmas puppies or even Valentine Day pups. My Arnie and his littermates were the same way-DOB of Jan. 2 and only one was sold out of a litter of 6-the remaining were sold at the auctions including the dam, her sister, and sire.

    Here is the information about the dogs:

    121 BASENJI - M - 12-16-2008
    MC# 47372C6933

    122 BASENJI - M - 01-04-2012
    MC# 0A01671945

    123 BASENJI - F- 01-4-2012
    MC# 0A01674216

    124 BASENJI - F - 12-12-2011
    MC# 0A01673803

    125 BASENJI - F- 12-16-2011
    MC# 0A01672327


  • Interesting that if the pups have AKC papers, why is the male (who I am assuming is the sire of the pups) only have an APRI number?

  • First Basenji's

    Breaks my heart every time I see this.

    I have a guess about where this male is from. Jennifer, may I e-mail you?

  • Curlytails, I bet I'm thinking what you're thinkingā€¦. how I wish I had the money and time to go get these little b's... it's like dog slavery. šŸ˜ž

    Here is the link for those of you that want to see the "inventory"... There are several bull dogs and many shiba inus being sold too.

  • Yes you can e-mail me. Is this about the adult or the puppy?

    At one time (maybe still is) AKC was allowing commercial breeders to register non-AKC dogs if the pedigrees went back to AKC registered dogs. I wonder if perhaps this male could not be AKC registered so the breeder is selling it. It could be that AKC registered pups are selling better than non registered ones so is selling a non AKC registered breeder.


  • There is a rescue group based in St. Louis that asked today on a list if a Basenji rescue group was interested in these dogs. There are several rescue groups attending this auction to try to get other dogs and they could bid for you and up to a certain amount. I replied back and asked about transport and to which states. I might be able to help transport them East as I am in OH. If anyone is interested in any of these dogs, please let me know. You must be serious about it and be willing to take the dog soon after the auction. If another rescue group could take these dogs, would anyone be interested in donating to that rescue group? If you have any questions regarding the process, please let me know.


  • I am down here in SWMissouri. I usually attend these auctions, but I have an event that day. If you are RESCUE can you please contact me on bidding on these dogs?

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